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Del Sol Launches 2014 Spring Shirt Design Collection

The spring collection of color-changing shirt designs features selections from Disney’s Frozen and Marvel’s Captain America.

International retailer of color-changing clothing and accessories, Del Sol, this week launched its spring collection of color-changing shirt designs, which included licensed character designs from Disney’s Frozen and Maleficent and Marvel’s Captain America, Spider-Man and Hulk series.

All 26 color-changing designs were created by Del Sol’s Art-Illustration Department and use Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® technology, which makes the shirt designs change from one color without sunlight to a complete different color with sunlight. The collection offers shirt designs for men, women and children and is available exclusively at Del Sol stores.

2014 Del Sol Spring Design Minnie Raglan2014 Del Sol Spring Design Maleficent

“Del Sol is all about having fun in the sun and creating memories with its color-changing products,” said Scott Brady. “In this design launch, we’ve broken through barriers yet again in color-change printing and application, being able to use our proprietary inks and dyes in never-before-seen shirt styles that require immense detail and creativity.”

2014 Del Sol Spring Design Captain America Suit2014 Del Sol Spring Design Hulk Suit

In this particular design launch, for the first time in Del Sol’s 20-year history, it includes designs that contain dark-ink applications, 3D appliques, all-over tailor-made prints, raglan shirt prints, foil puff prints, multi-glitter prints, and many more, said Brady.

See Del Sol’s entire 2014 Spring Shirt Design Collection here.

All Del Sol products come with a 100% Wow Guarantee, promising that the product will change color for the life of the product. Del Sol shirts retail online and in most Del Sol stores for $25.00

Painting Nails & Munching Cookies with the Girl Scouts of America

Every year the International Women’s Day event, supported by the Girl Scouts, is a celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

This year, they showed the community that “Girl Scouts Mean Business.” Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish donation helped them raise more than $75,000 for Girl Scout programs. This means more girls will be given opportunities to apply their abilities. They will be able to experience Girl Scout camp, attend financial literacy and science classes, build confidence through self-esteem workshops, and gain leadership skills at their Camp CEO event.

del sol nail polish donation to girl scout event

“We were honored to be involved in the International Women’s Day event,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol VP of Communications. “What could be better than painting nails and munching down some thin mint cookies?”

“Thank you once again for Del Sol’s generous donation to our International Women’s Day event. It was such a fun evening, and the Del Sol nail polish was a HUGE hit with our guests!” – Laura Berbusse, Development Specialist, Girl Scouts of America

Del Sol Donates to Teen Author Boot Camp

Reading and writing make bright minds and Del Sol’s color-changing clothing and accessories emphasize that point when their somewhat colorless status changes to vibrant colors with bright sunlight. This example, of course, being similar to what the human mind does when exposed to reading and writing – it becomes full of bright, colorful ideas and [...]

Daisy Design Color-Changing Nail Art Tutorial

Daisies are the friendliest of flowers, don’t you think? Sometimes feeling happier and getting over a cold can be as easy as walking through a field of daisies or receiving a bouquet of daises at the hospital. They’re magically uplifting, which is why this daisy nail art tutorial not only generates positive springtime vibes, but [...]

April’s Nail Polish of the Month, Here Comes the Sun!

This month’s nail polish makes me giddy just looking at it. The lemon-sherbert colors shout, “Spring and sunshine are here!” and get me excited to be outside painting my nails. Without sun, this polish is a lemon meringue color but, with sunlight, it’s a speckled lava color that will make you smile. This is the [...]

Del Sol Magic Show a Field Trip Favorite

This week the Del Sol Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach store hosted the 4 and 5-year-olds from their local primary school. The kids visited Del Sol, Cariloha, the Candy Store and the Carousel. The most exciting stores at Barefoot Landing. They are also provided a box lunch and get to feed the fish, a big highlight! [...]