Del Sol Nail Trends and Colors for Winter


When temperatures drop, we wrap ourselves in a thousand warm layers and quickly become modern-day mummies. All those sweaters and woolly hats keep us toasty, but bulky clothes and winter colors aren’t exactly the stuff flashy fashion moments are made of. Upgrade your sartorial efforts this snowy season by adopting one of these top winter nail trends that are guaranteed to impress.

Glitter Galore

You can’t dance your way through the holidays without a little eye-catching glamour on your nails. Instead of lacquers laced with big chunks of confetti-like glitter, opt for glitzy nail polish with tiny stardust particles that seem to shimmer when they catch the light. The effect is a little more refined but no less striking.

Seeing Red

Red polish never goes out of style, but the type of red and the execution often changes. This year, it’s all about bold, fire engine hues painted on short, rounded nails. The color is in-your-face amazing, but the lack of nail length keeps the look ideal for both professional and less formal settings.

Nature-Inspired Hues

We’re a long way from beach vacations and picnic weather, but you can still give yourself a taste of summer style with rich green and inky blue polishes inspired by lush fields and the ocean. Choosing shades that are a bit darker than the real thing — aim for jewel tones instead of primary colors — is the key to mastering this trend.

Dark Metallics

Sultry bronze, hard-as-nails steel and rough-and-tumble gunmetal add a distinct edge to otherwise straightforward looks. Use a base coat to keep your nails stain-free and finish with a high-gloss top coat to keep the elements from dulling your shine.

Art Deco Nail Art

Style in the 1920s took a lot of inspiration from angular shapes and lines, and this nail trend is no different. Start with a base nail polish in one of your favorite hues and then use nail tape to add stripes to your tips (silver is an art deco classic, but any color will work). Another option for crafty DIY types: Use the nail tape to mark off sections in intersecting patterns, apply your polish, then remove the tape to reveal the negative space below. Not sure what qualifies as art deco? Don’t worry too much about it, just think Chrysler Building and then let your imagination take over.

The “Dare to Bare” and “Nearly Nude”

Sometimes, dry winter air and busy schedules make it hard to maintain killer nail color, but there is an alternative. Bare nails and barely-there colors were all over the fall runways, and they looked fabulous. Find a nourishing nail oil, keep your hands well moisturized, and coat your nails in a slightly shimmery pink, beautiful beige or just a quality base coat.

You may have to don a pair of gloves this winter, so let your big reveal mean something. Ditch your mittens and show off a stunning, on-trend manicure, and watch your style cred soar.

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