Essential Del Sol Products for Spring, Summer Vacation


Back-to-back spring and summer vacationing is here, and you’re ready to head out on your fabulous trip to thaw out from the winter cold. No doubt you’re looking forward to fun and sun, but don’t over excite yourself and forget to pack some of the essentials for your vacation. Arriving ill-prepared is a recipe for frustration when you could be having fun.

Check out our list for what you should pack on your spring, summer vacation.


This one is easy to overlook. You don’t exactly need protective eyewear when it’s been snowing non-stop for months. Take a minute to shop for some cool and fashionable sunglasses from Del So before you head out, so you can look your best and avoid blinding your eyes with that bright sunshine.

Two Bathing Suits

At least one bathing suit is a given. Between the beach and the pools, you will definitely need to suit up. But for a week-long vacation, take the extra precaution and pack an extra suit. Mix it up too: a bikini and a one-piece, different colors, one print and one plain, a crazy one and a safe one. You never know when a strap could snap or you may just like the variety so you aren’t wearing the same thing every day. Bonus: one can dry out all day while you wear the other.


Definitely pack some sun protection. SPF 30 or better is recommended. Remember down south the sun is closer to the earth and the rays more intense. You don’t want to get stuck with a nasty burn or endanger yourself. It will ruin the fun. Apply early (at least 20 minutes before going outside) and often (every 2 hours you’re outside).


Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the good times. You’ll want some evidence of your trip to look back on fondly. If you are worried about sand and water, think about a waterproof camera.

Waterproof Case for Your Phone

On the same note, you should play it safe with your phone. Among the hordes of people, sand, and water, there is plenty of opportunity for a phone to get lost or destroyed. Try one of those clear plastic pouches to carry with you to the pool or beach.

Travel Towel

You could bring along a regular old towel with you on your next spring or summer vacation but consider a travel towel. Travel towels are made of microfiber material which folds up really small and is very absorbent. They are perfect for the beach. You can bring a beach size towel and it will fold up to less space than a jacket. Less hassle and more coverage!

Or consider a Turkish towel. Not only do you get an amazing towel, but it can also double as a blanket during your flight or a scarf during the evenings (because sometimes that ocean breeze can feel just a touch too chilly!).

Light Jacket

In all the excitement, it’s easy to forget that beachside towns can often get cast in a chilly sea breeze and early morning fog. Bring along a jacket so that you’re not caught unawares.

Tank Tops and Long Sleeves

Tank tops are a must to be paired with or worn under an assortment of clothes. Plus, you can show off those arms! Don’t forget to bring along a long sleeve, again, in case of sea breeze.

One-Piece Outfits

Nothing says springtime or summertime like a carefree one-piece outfit. Rompers, dresses, and maxi dresses are easy to pack, save space, and are easy to throw on.

Two party outfits

You’re likely to hit some of the local bars and clubs during your vacation. Bring one or two outfits for that — a very different look from your daytime beach look. And don’t forget some simple accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, or even just earrings can make a simple outfit dazzle.

Flip-Flops and a Pair of Closed Toe Shoes

Flip-flops are a beach necessity, not much explanation needed. But pack a pair of closed-toe shoes (or heels) for the plane or public transportation so your toes don’t get trampled.

Enjoy your spring or summer vacation and pack well!

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