How Del Sol Makes Halloween a Howling Good Time


Del Sol Hawaii Team Members Scaring up Some Halloween Fun at the Beach under a Moonlit Sky.

You can have more fun under the autumn sun and be twice the party screamer at any fall festival thanks to Del Sol’s color-changing products, stores and staff.

Festive Nail Polish

For years now, Del Sol nail polish fans all over the world continue raving about this color-changing polish that changes to black and silver with sunlight and disguised clear with moonlight. It’s the perfect paint for a party, a costume, or any fall day under the sun.


Color-Changing Shirt Designs

For good reason, Del Sol is recognized as the world’s largest retailer of color-changing apparel and accessories. Your favorite Del Sol color-changing shirts and stores are found all over the map. You and your friends love the shirts as much as we do. Watching the fall foliage change right before your eyes is reminiscent of your shirt design bursting into color outside in the sun. It’s all about the color. These transformations go hand in hand and make for a fun fall day under the sun.

Store Costume Contests

Get dressed up in your best Halloween costume and head to a Del Sol store near you. Even if you’re on an autumn cruise, don’t forget to dress up and visit a Del Sol store. There will always be a color-changing free surprise waiting for you there. Our store owners and staff love to dress up and get in on the action. Can’t get to a store? No worries. Email Del Sol Corporate your Halloween costume pictures for a free color-changing gift at

Halloween Parties

Host a Halloween party of your own, giving away color-changing rings, key chains and hair clips as party favors. Everyone loves a color-change surprise. Paint your friends’ nails at the party with Del Sol nail polish. Del Sol Corporate has been hosting a Halloween party since it first began in 1994. Everyone gets dressed up and the party gets bigger every year.

Del Sol Solvang Pumpkins

Pumpkin Painting

Paint your jack-o-lantern with color-changing nail polish. Be sure to apply an extra coat of polish for maximum color-change potency. It’s one jack-o-lantern in the sun and a completely different one at night. Get creative and let Del Sol’s color-changing magic help you win pumpkin-carving prizes.

How else would you include Del Sol in your fall Halloween festivities? Let us know in the comments.

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