Eight Water Safety Tips for Swimming Pool Season


With warmer weather every day in the forecast, many pools across the country will begin to open. For many, the summer season is filled with days by the pool, splashing around, swimming, and enjoying the company of others.

Anytime your day involves the pool, be sure to stick to the following water safety tips to keep your day fun instead of disastrous.

According to PoolSafety.gov, drowning is the top cause behind unintentional deaths in children between the ages of one and four.

While water safety is important for everyone at the pool, if you have little ones enjoying the water with you, be extra diligent in following safety measures.

  • Children should never be never be left unattended around the water. When at the pool with kids, make them your sole focus – an adult should always be supervising them, whether they’re in the water or on the pool deck.
  • No one should swim alone, even adults who are skilled swimmers. Medical emergencies or accidents could occur at any time.
  • Keep a phone with you at all times out by the pool so you may call for help if needed.
  • All children and adults should learn how to swim for their own safety and enjoyment. Children as young as 6 months old may be enrolled in certain swim programs to learn water survival and how to swim.
  • Anyone who does not know how to swim should wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life vest while at the pool.
  • Pools should always have a barrier and cover. Alarms are also smart on doors leading to pool areas. Fencing surrounding the pool should be at minimum four feet high and not constructed in a way that children could climb it.
  • Keep away from pool drains, and teach children to swim clear of them. Drains can suck in limbs, hair, and swimsuits, and a child may not be able to escape the suction, becoming entrapped – even adults could be harmed. All drains should be fitted with compliant covers.
  • Set rules for your pool and guests. These may include no diving, no running, and keeping away from pool drains.
  • These tips will help you while you’re outdoors having fun in the sun this summer. Thanks for sharing these great tips with us, Indiana American Water.

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