10 Crazy Cool Hacks that Will Forever Change the Way You Do Summer

Summer is here! And, believe it or not, your fun in the sun can get even better. That’s right. These 10 crazy cool hacks will forever change the way you do summer.

1. Night Swimming with Glowsticks

Turn your family’s pool into an epic underwater laser show by throwing in some glowsticks. Glowsticks are relatively cheap and can be found at most stores. Your kids will love you! They’ll be able to swim at night and will have a blast trying to find the glowsticks at the bottom of the pool and bring them up to the surface.

2. Become a S’mores Guru

Summer isn’t complete without campfires and s’mores. However, waiting for your turn with the roasting stick is the worst. With this hack you can now make multiple s’mores for everyone at the same time.

Buy a new rake and you’re ready to go. Not only is this a great investment for helping you make amazing summer treats, but you’ll also be able to use the rake once fall hits.

3. No-spill Popsicles are Now a Reality with Cupcake Liners

Avoid sticky messes by poking a cupcake liner through the bottom of the popsicle stick. These will catch any melting drips and make cleanup super easy.

4. The correct Way to Store Otter Pops in a Fridge

Speaking of popsicles, many fridges make perfect places to store Otter Pops and other tubelike popsicles. Just place the popsicles between the slits and get rid of the clunky box to free up space.

5. Make a Floating Cooler and Take Summer Laziness to a Whole New Level

Don’t you hate having to get out of the pool to go and get your favorite ice-cold drink? Say goodbye to those days by making a floating cooler out of pool noodles. The idea is simple and only takes a few minutes to put together.

6. Beach Security at Its Finest

Leave the purse at home and put your old sunscreen bottles to good use. This way you won’t have to worry about your stuff being stolen.

7. A Sour Solution to Sweat Stains

When life give you lemons, use them on your laundry. Seriously. Summer is hot but sweat stains are not. Sometimes just throwing your shirts in the wash isn’t enough. Get rid of those embarrasing eyesores for good by applying some lemon juice before washing them.

8. Watermelon + Jell-O = THE ULTIMATE SUMMER TREAT

Jello and watermelon are an unlikely combination until you see this genius hack. Use a carved out watermelon as a jello tray to create a jiggly treat. You can even slice the watermelon jello after it sets up in the fridge. The video below shows how to make this fun and easy snack.

9. Summer Reading Bingo

This summer hack is fun for kids and adults alike. Help your children continue reading over the summer by playing summer reading bingo. The chart above is an example of things you can do. Make a chart with your kids and put it on the fridge. Give them prizes as incentives when they get a bingo.

This hack doesn’t have to be done with reading only. You can do it with anything that you want your kids to work on while they’re out of school.

Don’t worry, you can apply this hack even if you don’t have kids. Choose a habit that you want to develop over the summer. Create your own bingo boxes and reward yourself each time you get a bingo. For example, you could have the goal to lose 10 pounds before the end of August. One square could be to work out with a friend and another could be to go a whole day without sugar. This is a more creative and fun way to bring about change in your life rather than just checking off a to-do list.

10. Don’t Take the Beach Home with You

Bring a fitted sheet from home with you the next time you go to the beach. This will help you avoid bringing the beach back home by protecting your stuff from sand.

There you have it. Your summer is about to become a whole lot easier with these 10 hacks. Did we miss any? Comment below with any ingenious summer hacks that have changed the way you do summer.

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Family Share. It has been republished here with permission by the Family Share Network.

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