10 Perfect Pranks for April Fool’s Day


Okay, we’ll admit it. We love a good prank. With April Fool’s Day here, we can’t help ourselves but to share some of our favorite practical jokes so you can surprise your friends, family and co-workers all day long.

Here’s our top 10 pranks for you to stun the gullible and not-so gullible people in your life.

10. Breakfast of champions

Start the day off in a joking fashion with a delicious-looking breakfast. For “orange juice”, you’ll need a box of macaroni and cheese, water and a pitcher. Pour the powered cheese mix into the pitcher, then add water. Stir and place in the fridge.

Another great morning surprise is frozen cereal. It’s perfect for kids. Pour cereal and milk into a freezer-safe bowl before you go to bed, letting them spend the night in the freezer. Make sure you get the bowl on the table before they come downstairs and watch them try to scoop the frozen breakfast.

9. A “Kool” shower

With any Kool-Aid powder, you can surprise your family with a “Kool” shower. All you have to do is unscrew the showerhead, pour the powder in it and then reattach. Stand outside the bathroom door when they hop into the shower to hear their priceless reaction to the instant sticky mess the first blast of water brings.

8. Screen saver switch

Does your spouse or children check their phone first thing in the morning? If so, this prank is perfect. When they’re sleeping, take a screenshot of their phone’s home screen and set it as the wallpaper, then rearrange the apps. When they unlock their phone in the morning, they’ll go crazy trying to find which apps are clickable.

7. Soapy surprise

The only thing you’ll need here is a bar of soap and a bottle of clear nail polish. All you have to do is coat the soap with the polish and let it dry. When your victim goes to use it, they’ll find it doesn’t lather up.

6. Unforgettable caramel apple

It’s hard to say, “No,” to a juicy caramel apple. Unfortunately for your family and friends, this treat won’t be as sweet. Instead of an apple, use an onion to dip into caramel and roll it in chopped nuts or candy. They may spit out the foolish food at first bite, but you’re sure to be laughing from their reaction.

5. Honk for pranks

If your spouse approaches their car every morning from the front, this is the prank you have to do. Before they leave for work, make a “Just Got Married” sign and include encouragement for people to honk. They’ll wonder why they’re being honked at during their commute, making for a hilarious dinner conversation that night.

4. Soda-holic

We all know that person who can’t get by without their refreshing Coca-Cola. Fill a glass with Sprite or 7-Up, then add enough soy sauce to make the drink look like dark soda. Have napkins nearby because they’re bound to spit out this concoction.

3. Sorry, not sorry

Leave someone a note apologizing for the dent or scratch on their car to see them waste time in the grocery store’s parking lot. We recommend finding a good place to hide out so you can watch them unravel with frustration as they struggle to find the imperfection.

2. Not so chocolate chip cookies

For the cookie lover in your family, this prank is hilarious yet cruel. Mix mashed potatoes and black beans to resemble chocolate chip cookies. Present them on a plate and watch your family shudder with disgust.

For an extra-realistic touch, bake some real chocolate chip cookies to fill your house with the yummy aroma. The desserts will act as a good makeup gift after you’ve tricked your family, too.

1. Magic manicure

The most surprising nail polish on the market, Peek-a-Boo color-changing nail polish, is sure to leave a memorable prank on the guys in your life. It’s clear indoors, so apply it while your husband or son is sleeping. They won’t notice they’re wearing polish until they step outside, where the magic begins. The polish will turn candy apple red outside, making their jaws drop.

To take the prank to another level, hide the nail polish remover. They’ll be left with painted nails to shamefully show off at work or school.

Have you tried any of these pranks? Do you have other practical jokes you love to do? Let us know in the comments below.

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