Five Things for Having Fun in the Sun on Memorial Day


Memorial Day is right around the corner, which means summer will be here before you know it. Be sure you’re prepared for the holiday and ready to have fun in the sun with these five things:

Super-Sized American Pride

Show your patriotism with larger-than-life lawn decorations. All you need is some cardboard, scissors and construction marking spray paint (preferably red, white and blue).

Cut the cardboard into a star shape outline, shake the spray paint and you’re ready to go! Let your kids take turns putting the star cut out on the lawn, then either paint around the star to make star outlines or fill in the star with the patriotic paint.

If you’re too nervous to paint your lawn, using flour will work just as well! Your front yard is bound to be the talk of the neighborhood.

Say “Thank You”

It’s important to remember what Memorial Day is truly about. Everyone gets excited about the paid day off or the idea that summer is starting, but take time out of your day to celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Visit a nearby cemetery and leave flowers or a flag on the graves of fallen heroes. If you live near a family who is serving, gather your family into the car and offer to do yard work, plant flowers or repaint a fence. You can also have your kids make cards for soldiers currently serving – be sure to include candy that they may miss from home. Click here to learn how your kids can make a craft or letter for a solider.

A little effort will go a long way.

Dress for the Occasion

Open your closet and grab every red, white and blue piece of clothing you own. Have fun and play dress up with bows, hats and shoes. If you want to get yourself or your family a special outfit for the day that reminds you of this sunny holiday, check out these colorful apparel options from Del Sol!

Make it the Center of It All

Keep the meaning of Memorial Day in the center of your dinner table. You’re sure to have a barbecue with family and friends and this American centerpiece will wow them all. All you’ll need is three mason jars, sugar, red and blue food dye, three tea lights and ribbon.

It’s not every day you see red, white and blue sand, but we know you have sugar in your cupboard that will look just like it! Fill each jar half full of sugar, then add as much red food coloring to one jar as necessary and do the same to make blue sugar. Next, place one tea light in each jar and tie a ribbon at the top of the jars.

Hello, Summer!

Of course, when many people think of Memorial Day, they think of the start of summer. Swimming pools open, freckles are on the verge of being sun kissed and of course school is almost out.

Let your kids be sun safe with Del Sol’s color-changing products. It’s easy to think harmful UV rays aren’t dangerous during cloudy days. With Del Sol key chains, water bottles, or hair accessories, your kids can easily see the UV rays are still shining when they don’t appear to be. They think it’s just for fun and magic, but you know it works well for safety, too!

What fun plans do you have for Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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