Enjoy this Spring Floral Color-Changing Nail Art Tutorial


Spring colors and fragrances are definitely in the air and, since tulips, daffodils, and lilacs are blooming everywhere, and we’re kind of stuck at home, we wanted to create a spring floral nail polish design that complements your spring outfits, matches the spring weather outside, and gives you something fun to occupy your time.

Thanks to Del Sol’s unique polishes that change color with sunlight, you can always count on two looks, two colors, and two attitudes in every single bottle of polish.

The floral design in this tutorial uses Del Sol’s Sky’s the Limit polish (changes from mint to lavender with sunlight), a non-UV-blocking top and base coat, a black polish and a yellow polish. Follow these simple steps to give yourself or someone else the best manicure under the sun:

  • Start with a coat of non-UV-blocking clear base coat to protect your nails.
  • Then, do a couple coats of a yellow polish. Let that dry completely.
  • Next, use a dotting tool and Del Sol’s Sky’s the Limit polish to make small flowers by grouping five small dots together.
  • Then, use a smaller dotting tool and the black polish to make three small dots in the center of each flower.
  • Then, finish it all off with a non-UV-blocking top coat to give your design further protection and shine.

It only takes a few minutes to create this look on your nails. Both the inside and outside designs are stylish, and watching it change right on your fingers or toes in sunlight never gets old.

Invite your friends and family to join in.

We guarantee this springtime design and polish will become a favorite in your color-changing polish collection.

Join Del Sol’s nail art fun wherever you call home with our color-changing Del Sol nail polish and share this nail art tutorial with your friends and families.

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