Bringing Sunshine to the Polar Bears

For the second year, Del Sol Rehoboth Beach has been a business sponsor in support of the annual Rehoboth Beach Polar Bear Plunge, a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. 

The event was originally scheduled for early February, but due to the blizzard, it was postponed to March 14.  This did not stop over 2,300 Polar Bears from plunging into the very cold Atlantic Ocean, with a water temperature of 42 degrees!  The event draws thousands of spectators and raised more than $500,000!  All benefiting one terrific program, the Special Olympics.

“For our part, Del Sol Rehoboth Beach was a featured stop for all Polar Bears, where they received a chance to win a Polar Bear prize as part of the community event.  We created a children’s area where the kids could sit and color when not playing with the color-changing toys and tees.  The parents loved it and gave them an opportunity to shop as well. 

The chance to participate in community charity events is so gratifying for us.  Not only to give back to the community, but also to spread a little sunshine and smiles that only Del Sol can do on a cold winter day!” 

Lewis & Greg, Del Sol Rehoboth Beach owners

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