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Dear Del Sol,

From a grateful Del Sol fan in Ohio: “Phyllis Morris from Cincinnati, OH called this morning glowing with positive feedback for the Orlando, FL Airport store.  She expressed DELIGHT and SATISFACTION over the excellent customer service, despite the small purchase amount.  She confided that she sat down this morning intending only to call stores/managers of places that she and her husband had been on her cruise where they had been rudely treated or simply disliked the service, but she made a special call to us to convey her ultimate JOY over her Orlando Airport Del Sol experience.  She GUSHED about the nice man who had helped her, and when she checked out, he even provided a Ziploc bag to put the nail polish in, so it wouldn’t be confiscated at security.   She was PLEASED and even had me look up the closest Del Sol store to her so she could go find another SPECTACULAR nail polish color!  Woo-Hoo for Del Sol Orlando, FL airport store!”


Phyllis M.

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17 thoughts on “Fan Mail

  1. What a great company. They totally stand behind their products, no questions asked. I have 3 pair of sunglasses and will definitely buy more in the future. I also have t-shirts and the nail polish. So fun!

  2. Lorna, England. I am totally overwhelmed by these products and have order over 10 nail varnishes and a top! I love them so much and am sure to purchase these amazing products again!!!

  3. Hello,
    I have a special question. Last week we bought a Butterfly headband for our granddaughter’s birthday on Orlando International Airport. She was so glad with her headband. But in the aeroplane she fall in sleep on our way home. It’s a 12 our flight, so she forgot her headband after we arrived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We asked by United if they found it, but no headband. My granddaughter is so sad, so I want to ask if somebody knows what I can do. I asked DelSol but they said, we can’t deliver you. Also not for one time. Does anybody knows, what I can do? Kind regards. Lijda Ladru, Amsterdam.

  4. Thanks for asking about this. Really sorry that the headband was lost. We could ship a new one (our cost) to Amsterdam, but your shipping charges would be really expensive. If you’re interested in doing that, please let us know.

  5. perche non posso ordinare i prodotti del sol in internet per l’italia

  6. I purchased a pair of sun glasses on St. Thomas island in 2004 and I love them but now the frames are sticky. I have lost the paper work si I took them back to an island while on our cruise to Grand Turk and they would not help us. Told us to contact and see if you could help us.

  7. I purchased a pair of sun glasses on St. Thomas Island in 2004 and loved them but now frames are really sticky.i have lost the paper work so took them back when we were on cruise to Grand Turk and they said they were bad but without paper work will not help us can you please.

  8. Good morning.
    Could you give the address and the tlf number of your store in Marbella. Spain.
    Thank you.

  9. This store is unfortunately closed. The nearest store to Spain would be in France. Please let us know how we can help you online.

  10. Very unhappy. Ordered online to ship to Canada (UPS only choice). When received package, got dinged with surprise border, duty and brokerage fee charges totalling $140 on $200 order. Del Sol blames UPS, UPS blames Del Sol, I the customer get screwed. No indication on Del Sol website, during their purchase process or when I received my invoice from Del Sol after purchase of possible additional shipping fees not included in the shipping and handling charges quoted/paid for on order. Lesson – never order online from Del Sol again.

  11. Very sorry about your experience with your shipping. Looks like our Customer Service team has reached out to you at this point. We’ll do our best within our power to assist in any way.

  12. My family recently visited your store in Cozumel, Mexico on Feb. 1st, 2018 and was treated so rudely by a female employee named Nadia. She was ridiculously rude to my children while they were looking at nail polish (they are 12 and 13 girls, they know how to properly handle nail polish). She followed them around the tiny store as if she was waiting for them to break or steal something. When it was time to check out, she was the one who rang up my transaction. She did not say one word to me. When I asked her how much I owed she grunted and pointed. She was flat out nasty during the entire experience. The young male employee was friendly and helpful as can but, but Nadia needs to be fired for her complete lack of customer service skills.

  13. Thanks for your feedback, Carrie. Our apologies for how our employee behaved and for the unpleasant experience with her. We do our best to provide a great shopping experience, so we’re very appreciated of any and all feedback. We’ll be certain to pass this information along to our store in Cozumel.

  14. Hello, I recently found an old bottle of fountain pen ink, which my father bought from his trip to Paris around 1995-6. The bottle says DELSOL Paris on it and has a picture of a turtle, I was wondering if you’re the manufacturer?

    Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    It’s really great ink by the way! Light but covers like dip pen ink.

  15. Thanks for inquiring. Unfortunately, we’re not the manufacturer. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the right supplier/seller soon.

  16. I was in Alaska last week and purchased several charms. I would like to buy more for some friends(don’t want to give mine up). Where can I find them in the us or better yet on line. They were a whales tale, paw, flamingo. I love you products. Thank you Terri Weis

  17. Thanks for asking about these charms, Terri. Several of our Del Sol stores carry the items. Please contact our Customer Service team at and they’ll help you with these products.

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