Del Sol Kauai’s Aloha Spirit

“We went to Kauai with our 3-year-old and our 22-month-old, and we happened to visit your little shop there, at the coconut market and my 3-year-old loved it!  She got a little ring that changed color in the sun and thought that was the greatest thing.  When we went back a couple years later, my 3-year-old was now 5, and she remembered the store as soon as we got to the market and had to go in.  We got them both a mermaid T-shirt because they love mermaids and are still their favorite shirts.  They also got key chains and of course another little ring.  Both my girls are just enamored with your products.  I just placed an order to keep the memories alive for them.  Just thought you might like to know how much of an impression you made on our little girls.” 

 Thanks a lot,

Sheila Thornton

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