Del Sol Nail Polish Sparkles in the Blogosphere Sun!

Del Sol products continue to light up internet blogger sites, attracting rave reviews, contagious chatter and increased sales for stores and Web sites. You can read and see more from three recent blog posts by following the Web URLs listed here:

Del Sol Island Fever Shines on the Sheeze

“[It’s like] justice for girls (my daughter LOVES to shop there) has color changing nail polish, and they’re 2 for $7.00! They’re amazing and have really pretty colors. I actually bought some for myself because my daughter complained that I used hers too much! :)” – Marina (Blog Comment)

Del Sol Peek-a-Boo Polish is a Fan Favorite!

“The most dramatic change occurs with the sheer shades like Peek A Boo. WOW is that a huge difference! Just as my lovely reader wingsinheaven5 told me, it’s a GREAT shade to wear if you work in a conservative office because it’s such a sheer jelly peach that it’s almost imperceptible indoors. But the moment you get out in the sun, it changes into a beautiful coral right in front of your eyes! And if for some reason you need it to change right back to sheer, just stick your hands in your pockets for a minute and they’ll go right back to the “indoor” color!” Click here to read more from the blog.

Click here for Examiner Blog Post.

Click her for Blog Post.

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