Examiner Reviews Del Sol Nail Polish

Call it heat activated, mood changing or dual color polish, its cool! One of the newest trends in nail polish is color changing polishes. They have been featured in magazines and morning shows as the hot item for summer. However, finding them in local stores has been difficult. If you can’t wait to get your hands on this polish, you are in luck. Del Sol, a company that makes a variety of color changing products has opened a new kiosk in the Fashion Show Mall. Over 24 colors are available at $10 each.

You can see the colors and the color variation of each polish at Delsol.com. The polish colors change as you move from indoors to outside and will vary on the day’s UV-Index, the number of coats, or the temperature outside. Del sol’s products contain Spectrachrome® Crystal Dye, a substance that changes color when irradiated by the sun’s rays. There is another polish that reacts to your body temperature and hot or cold water called  “in the mood”. Available in six colors at themoodpolish.com, $8.

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  1. Great question, Connie. Our polish is Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde free. No animal testing either. The bottles are Italian glass and contain two stainless steel mixing balls.

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