Kona Cares and it Shows

These happy, smiling customers were recent guests in the Del Sol Kona store. They’re unique guests in that they’re deaf and have other physical disabilities.  Through their translator, we conveyed how our products change colors on the grand sun station. We used our fingers and counted “1,2,3” and then turned the shirts over.  Their expressions were magical as they saw the shirts change in the store.  The next morning at the Del Sol Kauai Anchor Cove store, we saw one of the men walking down the sidewalk wearing the shirt he had purchased the day before in Kona.  Because he couldn’t hear, we motioned to his shirt and the Del Sol sign and then to the store.  His face lit up and he honestly ran into the store.  Soon, we had the entire group taking shirts from the shelf and trying them on the lights.  Because we had worked out our translation system the day before, we used it again.  One of the men would literally jump up and down every time the shirt changed colors.  It made us smile every time!  They each had their NCL coupon that they redeemed for their free tote bag.  The next day, while visiting the Kauai Coconut Market Place, we saw some of the same group.  The group recognized us and jumped up and gave us hugs. It was amazing to see that experience translate through different barriers. – Del Sol Kona Team

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