An Ordinary Aunt Reviews Del Sol Color Change

Del Sol Color Change Review
By The Ordinary Aunt

What I Thought:
I was really excited when I was given the chance to review the hoodie and tee from Del Sol.
First impressions were that they hoodie was the perfect thickness for those nights that were a little cooler but still too warm for a jacket, and the tee was one of those great lightweight slim summer tees instead of one of those boxy, bulky, heavy tees. Even though they came as the “without sun” color scheme, I still thought that the designs were very attractive.

I ended up wearing them both together for the first time at an all-day outdoor event and could not stop exclaiming as the colors changed. I just kept saying to hubby “look at my clothes now.” He finally said (after about the 8th time) that yes, indeed the colors did change (and yes, they are vibrant and beautiful) and now could we just enjoy the rest of the event?

The final test is how did they stand up to my washing them? I tend to sometimes not follow the care instructions and things have been known to shrink, twist, or just generally get destroyed after a trip through the washing machine and dryer. I’m happy to say that both the hoodie and tee survived their big wash day adventure and look as good as the first time I wore them.

I would definitely recommend any of the Del Sol items to my friends, family, and readers.

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