Crazy Fun Review of Del Sol Color-Changing Products

Del Sol Color-Changing Clothing & Accessories by Bat Crap Crazy

Surely I am not the ONLY one who remembers hyper color clothing that was all the rage in the ’80s? I loved it (do not judge) then, and I’m certainly having a blast with what is available now. Del Sol Color Changing Clothing and Accessories has everything from men’s T-shirts, women’s T-shirts and kid’s tees, nail polish, headbands, necklaces and bracelets to a whole new line of Disney color-changing products. SQUEEE!

Of the items Del Sol sent for review, my favorite by far is the Shell Necklace. Lil Duck was eager to help me try out the color changing feature as she didn’t believe it would really happen! She placed it around her neck, found the closest sunbeam and waited…

IT WORKED! From a pearl white to a gorgeous pink and one very excited little girl! I don’t have a clue how this process works but it is no secret that I am fascinated and just as excited as my 4 year old at watching items magically change colors! Hard to beat awesome quality and affordability mixed with just the right dash of magic!

Del Sol has such a wide variety of items to choose from whether you’re looking for something unique for yourself, a birthday gift, Christmas gift or Labor Day gift (hey…every day is a gift-worthy holiday in my book!) you will make fantastic finds at Del Sol!

Thanks for the great review, Bat Crap Crazy. You can see and read her entire review here.

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