Dip Cupid’s Darts in Five New Color-Changing Nail Polishes

New shades of nail polish just in time for Valentine’s and the rest of your 2012 seasons! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you’ll have even more color-changing polishes for any occasion under the sun! Our world-exclusive nail polish has won the hearts of fans all across the globe. Fan feedback has fueled our research and development efforts to bring you the most innovative, eye-catching colors that have ever graced your nails.

New shades of yellow, blue, pink, purple and more will light up your nails.

They make the perfect gift, too – no matter the age, gender or interest. They’re only available in Del Sol Stores for the time being.

Here’s the new nail polish line up:

Pink Satin
Color Change: Pale Pink to Smoky Purple

Starry Night
Color Change: Gold to Midnight Purple

Glam Rock – Replacing Rock Star
Color Change: Blue to Teal Green

Purple Haze
Color Change: Pearl Gray to Smoky Purple

On Fire!
Color Change: Fiery Orange to Midnight Purple

Color Changing Nail Polish by Del Sol - New Shades for 2012

What’s your favorite new nail polish color?

What recommendations do you have for future color-changing polishes by Del Sol?

Thanks again for your feedback.  We hope you enjoy these new color-changing polishes as much as we do.


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