Four Egg-Cellent Color-Changing Ideas for Easter

It’s Easter weekend and Del Sol has four, egg-cellent color-changing ideas to brighten up your Easter baskets and festivities.

Paint your nails to match your Easter dress and hat. As Dorothy Gale from Kansas once asked, “Can you even match my eyes to match my gown?” Not exactly, but we can match your nails to match your Easter outfit. Choose from a wide variety of color-changing nail polish that matches not just one, but two colors of your Easter wardrobe. Maybe you’re wearing a pink dress with a white hat. Perfect! Try Del Sol’s Pretty in Pink or Reckless nail polish that changes from white to pink in the sun.

Put color-changing rings in your plastic Easter eggs. Use the warm Easter sunshine to your advantage by playing a game to see who can find the plastic Easter egg with all the clear-to-blue color-changing rings, or red or purple or orange rings. Maybe there’s only one egg that has one specific color. Be creative and let the sun work its magic on your Easter egg hunt.

Paint your Easter eggs with color-changing polish. This year, it looks like the Easter Bunny dipped his eggs in Del Sol’s color-changing dyes to make the perfect Easter confections for any Easter parade. Take some Peek-a-Boo nail polish, which changes from clear to cranberry red in the sun, and paint your names on your eggs or paint some creative designs that will only appear with sunlight. Be sure to give it two coats and be careful not to eat the egg shells – and if you’re worried about nail polish getting onto your eggs, just use these painted eggs for decoration.

Snap a family Easter photograph with new Easter shades. See the Easter sunrise through color-changing lenses, particularly Del Sol’s extra-colorful, hot pink, fluorescent yellow and gnarly green Solize™ sunglasses. They’re made especially for spring and summer sunshine. With their flashy colors, they’ll make for a zany, color-splashed Easter photo.

Visit a Del Sol store near you, or use the Del Sol goodies that you may already have on hand to get the Easter color you’re looking for.

These color-changing ideas are just to get you started. Certainly, they can hatch even more Easter surprises. So, get hoppin’ and let your creativity run wild. We’d love to hear and see more of what you come up with. Share your comments below or email us at

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