Giveaways & Glitter Reviews Del Sol Color Change

Here’s a snip-it of the review about Del Sol color change…

If you happen to be in your 30’s like I am, you may remember those cool color-changing shirts from back in the 90’s. Oh how I loved those things. Well those shirts most likely came from Del Sol. Well, today… Del Sol not only has color change shirts, but other clothing items as well that change color. BUT they also have nail polish, sandals, jewelry, toys and many other things that have color changing technology.

I was lucky enough to receive not only a color change necklace, but also a pair of matching earrings and a matching bracelet. They start out being white in color. But when you expose them to the sun, they all turn pink. Here is what the bracelet looks like before the sun…

Del Sol Color Changing Bracelet

And this is what the bracelet looks like when exposed to the sun…

Del Sol Color Changing Bracelet - Pink

I love my jewelry from Del Sol. It is not only beautiful and stylish. It is also the coolest set of jewelry that I own. My daughter is thrilled with it. She is so excited to wear it outside and even more excited to come back inside with it. She LOVES it. I highly recommend that you try their products today. You will not be disappointed.

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