New Color-Changing Bling that goes with anything under the sun – Jewelry by Del Sol

Introducing new color-changing bling – the kind that goes well with anything under the sun! You can choose from new bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and rings that all change beautiful colors with sunlight.

Del Sol’s new Sol Shell line has a deeper luster indoors without sunlight and a brighter color change outdoors with sunlight – better than anything you’ve ever seen from Del Sol’s color-changing jewelry line.

Sol Shell Color Changing Jewelry by Del Sol

Bracelets: Del Sol’s color-changing bracelets feature high-end abalone shell for a more vibrant color change, which makes it stylish and colorful in or out of the sun. Choose from two different styles: Clasp (Length: 6-8 inches) and Stretch (Length: 3 inches)

Sol Shell Color Changing Necklaces by Del Sol

Necklaces: These beautiful, opalescent shell necklaces not only catch the sun’s attention, but your friends’ as well. They feature new, updated styling in new lengths, new materials, and new looks. They make a colorful compliment to any color-change outfit.

Sol Shell Color Changing Bangle Bracelets by Del Sol

Bangles: These stylish, colorful bangle bracelets are the first of their kind from the Del Sol product repertoire, and they’ll fit in perfectly with their amazing color-change vibrancy on a thick, sturdy bangle. They’re available in two sizes to fit everyone.

Sol Shell Color Changing Rings by Del Sol

Sun Rings: These sun rings manage the magic of color change at your finger tips. They feature smooth-on-your-finger materials that combine to bring out even more color-changing vibrancy than ever before. They’re now available in new sizes that will appeal to color-change fans of all ages. Sizes 5-8.

2 thoughts on “New Color-Changing Bling that goes with anything under the sun – Jewelry by Del Sol

  1. Hi, my name is Kristen and have just run across this beautiful line of jewelry. I have been to trying to find the Etched Flower Shell Pendant in Pink online for a few hours now and always find myself on this page.
    I was wondering if they just weren’t online at the moment or have been discontinued. I’m a bride to be in June and have seriously fallen in love with this necklace. I will keep digging but just thought asking wouldn’t hurt. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Kristen. Thanks for asking about the etched flower shell pendant. It’s a beautiful pendant, and I wish we still carried it but, unfortunately, we don’t anymore. I know we’ll be introducing some beautiful new pendants in May, so hopefully one of them will catch your eye. Feel free to email us at to stay in the loop on these new pendants, and we can send you some images as soon as we have them.

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