Pinterest Fanatic Pins Del Sol Color Change to a Tee

Fun Fashion from Del Sol
By Pinterest Fanatic

Del Sol is the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel and accessories. It is also the number-one promoted merchant onboard Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Disney, Celebrity, and Norwegian Cruise Lines. The secret behind Del Sol’s color changing items is their exclusive Spectrachrome® crystals which open and unfold upon exposure to sunlight revealing their hidden colors. They offer a full range of really fun apparel and accessories from T-Shirts to Flip Flops, Nail Polish to Jewelry and so much more!

When I first heard of Del Sol and their color changing products, I was reminded of Hypercolor T-Shirts from back in my teens. But, this company is very different – it harnesses it’s power from the sun using the magic of its own proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology. Spectrachrome® was born from the same science NASA explored for color-change technology, and Del Sol has expanded upon it and enhanced it. What I love most about this process is that every item is twice the fun as it changes between two colors!

The kids and I were so excited to try out our clothes and accessories from Del Sol. We all really love how soft and comfortable the Sol Signature T-Shirts feel. The quality is superb and the fit is true to size, which makes ordering easy! I love the vibrant colors and cute designs. Alesea and I wore our shirts for the first time to Easton’s baseball game. It was early in the morning just as the sun was about to come up. So you know we were staring at each other’s shirt just waiting for the magic moment. Then it happened, the sun came up and each of our T-Shirt designs changed. My wings and heart design on my blue shirt became enhanced and brilliant in color! Alesea’s pink scoop neck tee went from having a purple toned design to fuchsia. We had the most fun with it!

Easton was proud to model his Dead Men Tell No Tales T-Shirt. He loves that it’s a heavier weight cotton, which is exactly what he prefers to wear. He has the best time in it and all of his friends at school think it’s awesome! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear, “Look Mommy!” as it changes colors in the sun. I just love clothing that is not only high quality, but that is also fun for the kids. Wouldn’t your kids love a shirt like this?

Thanks for the amazing review, Pinterest Fanatic! You can see and read her entire review here.

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  1. It just gets better and better. First funky fabulous nail polish and now I hear about the clothing line. It’s a great thing that I live in CA, where we get plenty of sunshine and where I can show off my Del Sol goodies!

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