Polished Pixie Paints with Color-Changing Polishes

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The Polished Pixie (Blog)
By Shalon C.

The Polished Pixie

Today I am going to show you Del Sol color changing polish. It changes in the sun and then back when you are inside. I was a little skeptical about how well these would work, but I was pleasantly surprised. My husband even mentioned how cool they were and for him to say anything about my polish is a miracle in itself.

To get started we have Tinsel Toes and Ruby Slipper. These are both glitters in a clear base. Tinsel Toes is a gold glitter and Ruby Slipper is a silver micro glitter. All of these swatches have 3 coats. I was surprised at how evenly these applied. Drying time was slightly quick to normal. The brushes on all of the polishes were good normal round brushes.

As you can see I have Ruby Slipper on my pointer and ring finger and Tinsel Toes on my thumb, middle finger, and pinky finger in all of these photos. I am also holding the bottle of Tinsel Toes in all of these photos. I did not apply a top coat.

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