Pittsburgh Frugal Mom Sees Savings in Del Sol Sunglasses

Del Sol Solize™ – Glasses that Shield You – Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
By Pittsburgh Frugal Mom (Excerpt from Article)

When the sun shines, my Solize™ glasses turn from silver to gold! All I can say is, “Wow”, each time it changes, I feel like a kid but it is amazing to witness this. Intriguing. Just because I am an adult does not mean I am any less of a child inside. I love products like this!

About the Solize™ Glasses
The glasses are PolarizedPro™ lenses to block out glare and the lightweight and impact-resistant durable frames are created with Spectrachrome® technology. Spectrachrome® creates the frames to change color when the frames are exposed to sunlight. Here is something else really impressive: the color change is guaranteed to impress you, which means lasting for the lifetime of your Del Sol Solize™ sunglasses.

You can love plain glasses, chic glasses or even fun futuristic looking glasses; there are a lot of styles to choose from for men and women! I had a hard time selecting one.

I believe you will say, “WOW!” I did and I usually don’t get that excited. This is different It is amazing, and my kids make me step in and out just to see it happen over and over – it’s like I am a side show! Science class has left the building and appeared on my eyes and face! Del Sol products are guaranteed to continue to change colors throughout years of use, all based on normal use.

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