Rockin My Hot Pink Key Largo Solize Sunglasses

Here’s Amanda, rocking her hot pink Solize Sunglasses, which change colors from pink to purple in sunlight. She looks as though she’s just left the Department of Motor Vehicles with her first license to drive, and she’s got a game plan in mind. With hot sunglasses on, she’s ready to ride.

amanda sporting del sol solize sunglasses without sunamanda sporting del sol solize sunglasses with sun

Thanks Amanda N. We LOVE your look!

Thanks for sending us your picture, too. We love seeing pictures of our fans enjoying color-changing Del Sol gear, especially when they’re having fun out under the sun. Look for your picture in one of our Del Sol email campaigns over the next couple weeks. Remember, if you see your Sol Shots picture in one of Del Sol’s weekly email campaigns, it means you’ve won a Del Sol color-changing T-shirt of your choosing.

Email your pictures to wearing Del Sol gear with a short blurb about your picture for a chance to win. Keep having fun in the sun with Del Sol!

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