Behind the Scenes Look at Del Sol’s Recent Photo Shoot

Going behind the scenes at a recent photo shoot for Del Sol’s new Disney, Marvel and Disney|Pixar shirt designs, you get a glimpse of what’s available exclusively in select Del Sol stores worldwide and online.

The popular color-changing Del Sol-Disney shirt styles and shirt designs for men, women, boys and girls will all feature Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® technology, which makes the shirt designs change from one color without sunlight to a completely different color with sunlight.

Within this latest Del Sol and Disney shirt design launch, customers will enjoy several new and amazing first-time-ever shirt designs, which include the following design features: All-Over Prints, Glitter and Hidden Prints, Foil Prints, Shadow-Texture Prints, Stylized Prints, Gray-to-Red Spectratone Ink Prints, and many more.

All Del Sol-Disney shirt designs are Del Sol exclusives and co-branded with Disney.
Del Sol continues to innovate with color change in new and unique ways, using Del Sol’s Spectrachrome® technology in new and inventive applications that set Del Sol apart as the largest color-change retailer in the world!

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