Del Sol Brings More Color to Color Me Rad 5K Race

This past Saturday, Del Sol participated in Salt Lake City’s Color Me Rad 5K race, where Del Sol staffers painted runners’ nails with Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish, handed out color-changing rings, and sold nail polish to fans from the Del Sol-hosted booth.

color me rad 5K race - del sol staff

Del Sol employees, Ryan Snow, Houston Holt, Amanda Fabrizio and Morgan Bridge (pictured above) were all in attendance to manage the Del Sol booth and to spread the Del Sol color-changing magic among the 7,000+ runners who got blasted with colorful, organic dyes just before their run.

color me rad 5K race - del sol staff painting nails

Del Sol’s famous color-changing clothing and accessories were a natural fit at this race, and the runners loved being able to add even more color to their already-panted bodies. The event generated lots of buzz and exposure for the Del Sol brand, and we’re glad that we could be invited and involved in such a fun event right here in our own backyard.

Looks like “doing rad stuff” and having fun in the sun with color go hand in hand!

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