Del Sol Color Change is Wow Guaranteed

Del Sol clothing and accessories change colors in the sun and then return to their original colors without sun – it’s what sets them apart from other clothing retailers – that and their fun-in-the-sun shopping experience. Del Sol products are sold all over the world in more than 100 store locations. They offer a fabulous selection of products that become even more amazing in the sun! There’s always something for everyone at Del Sol. Don’t take our word for it, though. Read this media review of Del Sol’s color-changing clothing and sunglasses and decide for yourself:

Del Sol Color Change
By Your Golden Ticket

I had my first experience with Del Sol when I was a teenager on vacation. The way that everything from Del Sol transforms in the sun has amazed me for years! I have been a Del Sol customer for over a decade and each and every thing that I have gotten from Del Sol still changes color in a dramatic way.

Del Sol carries everything from t-shirts and tote bags to nail polish and jewelry. My kids love that Del Sol offers clothing and accessories that feature their favorite Disney and Marvel characters. They are crazy about their new shirts from Del Sol! The colors are so vibrant and my daughter’s Side Tie Rapunzel Love Tee has an adorable butterfly applique. I love that Del Sol has something for the entire family.

One of my favorite things about Del Sol is their WOW! Guarantee. Del Sol wants everything that they sell to Wow you and if it doesn’t, they want to make it right. They really stand behind the quality of their products. Their Solize Sunglasses have a lifetime guarantee against loss, theft and damage!

I was beyond excited to get my own pair of Solize Sunglasses from Del Sol. They have so many fun styles for everyone under the sun (pun intended) that it was hard to pick! One of the many good things about Del Sol Solize Sunglasses is that they are practically two sunglasses in one since they are different colors in and out of the sun. I decided to go with the Good Vibrations sunglasses which transition from white to purple. They are extremely comfortable and sleek. These sunglasses did an amazing job of protecting my eyes while still making everything clear, bright and easy to see. There were times when the lenses seemed to play tricks on my eyes when I looked at the screen of my phone in the sun. It didn’t inhibit my ability to see my phone but it did give an almost 3-D effect. All things considered, these are my favorite sunglasses.

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