Del Sol Nail Polish, Jewelry make Colorful Contrast to White Snow

Letting your playful side come out is made easy with Del Sol color-changing clothing and accessories. They’re always a hit for the young at heart. Since 1994, Del Sol has been sparking smiles for customers all over the world. With the slightest touch of sunshine, Del Sol products change from one color without sunlight to a completely different color with sunlight. Read the following unbiased review on Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish and flower-shelled necklace to learn more:

Del Sol: Color-Changing Necklace & Nail Polish
By Sara Lee

Del Sol products change color in the sun. They’re one color outside in the sunshine and then return to their original color back inside. Products include: T-shirts, nail polish, flip-flops, hair clips, shorts, hats, plush toys, jewelry, watches, sunglasses and more.

The Flower Shell w/ Pearls necklace is white when worn inside and turns pink when out in the sun. Now that winter is upon me here in Michigan, this necklace will look great with the white snow. I liked wearing this color changing necklace this fall. Everyone who saw how the necklace changes thought it was neat. I like the Flower Shell with Pearls necklace because its very pretty and goes with almost anything.

Read Sara Lee’s entire review of Del Sol’s color-changing ‘Last Dance’ nail polish and flower-shell necklace here.

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  1. Are the white/blue color necklaces still available

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