Nautical Nails Color-Change Nail Art Tutorial

Anchors away and set sail for sun-painted horizons ahead. This nautical-nails design adds a splash of color behind miniature anchors when exposed to sunlight. The design transforms from blue-glitter stripes to red-glitter stripes when the sun hits your nails.

To your sailor’s delight, the blue-to-translucent speckled glitter spots are covered by a simple anchor design in permanent black that gets flooded by red when the sun shines its rays. Get outside and start painting to see what happens for yourself. We guarantee this new design and polish will become a favorite in your color-change collection.

The nautical nails design in this color-changing nail art design begins with a clear base coat and two coats of a white nail polish followed by two coats of Del Sol’s Let Freedom Ring polish. Both inside and outside designs are stylish and watching it change right on your fingers is always fun to see.

This nautical design has a classic look that goes well with almost any summer outing under the sun. The specific color-changing polish used is Del Sol’s Nail Polish of the Month for July, Let Freedom Ring, which you can find here.

See this nautical design change colors with sunlight in this helpful nail art tutorial. Color-changing nails can be yours with the slightest touch of sunlight, letting your nails shimmer and shine whenever you step into the sun’s brilliant spotlight.

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