Solize Sunglasses: Fashionable & Lifetime Guaranteed

Del Sol’s color-changing Solize sunglasses are not only 100% UVA / UVB protective with PolarizedPro™ polycarbonate lenses to protect your eyes, but they’re also lifetime guaranteed against theft, loss and damage. They’re basically a pair of sunglasses for life. Can’t beat that.

NO MORE squinting with Solize’s PolarizedPro™ lenses that squelch out glare from reflective surfaces like glass, water, sand, and pavement. Polycarbonate lenses, with anti-scratch coating, are shatter-proof and impact-resistant.

Solize’s ultra-enhanced, color-change coatings and properties are created from a special, four-layer Spectrachrome® coating process that is formulated to change colors three times faster and fade back just as fast. This coating finish is unique and durable, made possible through Del Sol’s proprietary processes.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Read this unbiased media review of Del Sol’s color-changing sunglasses and decide for yourself:

Mama Experience MastHead -Del Sol Sunglasses Review

Spring Fashion
By The Mama Experience

After a long winter, we’re ready to celebrate by [reviewing] an amazing prize package full of spring accessories that will spruce up your wardrobe as you head out to enjoy some sunshine!

1. Del Sol offers a fun and stylish line of women’s sunglasses that have a very unique feature– they change color in the sun! Each pair is 100% UVA/UVB blocking and polarized to prevent glare. They are also backed by a Lifetime Guarantee against loss, theft or damage!

Read the Mama Experience’s entire review of Del Sol color-changing sunglasses here.

9 thoughts on “Solize Sunglasses: Fashionable & Lifetime Guaranteed

  1. where do Igo to get my free sunglasses?

  2. I bought my sun glasses in San Antonio on march 28th I took a picture of the receipt I called the shop in San Antonio by the Alamo area and they said I need the code no i cannot find my box I had a picture of the receipt I told them but now I cannot find the picture of the receipt y sun glasses right side stick is broken what can I do to replace them

  3. When we went to Alaska I bought my sunglasses and the name of them was
    Leaving This Town, I lost my glasses in our town of Ashcroft, B C but no one
    seemed to find them. I asked all over but they were no way to be found. I
    understand I cane get them replaced.

  4. I lost my sunglasses I would like get another pair ..

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