Zebra Print Color-Change Nail Art

There’s something exotic and eye-catching about seeing a real, live zebra up close. You wonder, how did those interesting black stripes get there in the first place? Maybe this is simply a notion from someone who’s lived his entire life in North America, where zebras aren’t seen roaming the fields and prairies every day of the week. You see them at the zoo and that’s it.

With this color-changing nail polish zebra print, you get the same impression. You won’t believe your eyes when you the design change from silver sparkle to pink sparkle with sunlight. How did it do that, you’ll marvel.

The zebra print in this color-changing nail art design is shimmering silver with stylish black zebra lines that dramatically change to sparkling red with sunlight. Both inside and outside designs look great and watching it change right on your fingers is always fun to see.

For a girl’s night out or simply painting your nails with something fresh and new, the artist uses a popular color scheme that, when isolated, creates a stylized look that will mesmerize your friends. The specific color-changing polish used is Del Sol’s VIP polish, which you can find here.

See this zebra print design change colors with sunlight in this helpful nail art tutorial. Color-changing nails can be yours with the slightest touch of sunlight, letting your nails shimmer and shine whenever you step into the sun’s brilliant spotlight.

Join the fun wherever you call home with Del Sol nail polish and share this nail art tutorial with your friends and families. Remember to subscribe.

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