6 Popular Nail Polish Designs for Summer

Before heading out to that summer soiree or stressing about what to wear to that summer beach party, consider taking a few minutes to turn your nails into the surprise highlight of the entire summer.

The following infographic lays out six popular nail polish designs for summer that are both easy to create and fun to share with your friends and family.


Tropical Beach Nails: Uses Life’s A Beach polish and changes from peach to orange with sunlight.
Summer Nails: Uses Peek-a-Boo polish and changes from clear to red with sunlight.
Gradient Nails: Uses Summer’s Here polish and changes from light purple to magenta w/glitter with sunlight.
Nautical Nails: Uses Let Freedom Ring polish and changes from blue to red and blue glitter with sunlight.
Stars & Stripes: Uses Peek-a-Boo polish and changes from clear to red with sunlight.
Mermaid Nails: Uses Spring into Summer polish and changes from pink to plum with sunlight.

What’s your favorite nail polish design? What’s a design that you wish we’d create?

When you’ve tried out all these nail designs, and you’re looking for more, no worries, there’s plenty more where these came from. Check out an entire year’s worth of creative, stylish nail polish designs right here.

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