7 Fun Activities to Get Your Kids off the Couch and outside Having Fun


Sunlight is both pleasant and soothing, and it’s calling your kids to get outside and enjoy it. Don’t let it go to waste – follow an activities plan that will prevent daylight doldrums and save your kids from becoming couch potatoes watching TV all day. Here’s a list of seven fun-in-the-sun ideas that you can do wherever you live:

1. Fly a Kite

When you have just a little bit of wind, flying a kite is a great way to get your kids outdoors. You can find all types of kites at stores depending on your needs, but you can also find kites at the dollar store to save money. It takes a little bit of patience to teach your kids to get the kite in the sky but, once they do, they’ll stand in awe and love flying a kite.

2. Fill a Backpack with Toys and Play Outside

Kids love playing with toys, but they can get bored playing with the same toys over and over again. If your kids are like most, they love going places and love wearing their backpacks. Help them fill their backpacks with toys and take them to a park or just out in the backyard. Playing with the same toys in a different setting will let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Click here to see fun Disney, Marvel backpacks.

3. Umbrella & Water Games

Kids love playing with a hose and sprinklers. Get them some fun water toys and a shade umbrella and watch them fall in love with it. You can spray and splash with each other or pretend that it’s raining. Set up a slip and slide or create a beach – or, better still, go to a beach if you live near one. The opportunities are endless with water activities, so use your imagination and have fun.

4. Play Sword Games

Put a sword or a stick in a kid’s hands and watch the sword play begin. With a sword in hand, it seems almost automatic that hitting everything in sight comes next. Little kids love being the hero when playing with swords. Most little boys love to protect their little sister and, giving them a fun, little sword to play with, makes their day. Don’t discount the girls, though, they love to get in on sword games with the boys, too. If you want to make sword play even more fun for the kids, you might want to try playing with a magical sword that changes color in the sun.

5. Run Relay Races

Want to find something fun to do within spending extra money? Set up a relay race at the park or in your backyard. Adding goals and obstacles to run around are just a couple things that can be done to turn an ordinary relay race into a memorable one for you and your kids.

6. Cruise around on Skateboards

Little skateboards and play cars are getting more and more popular for little kids. Whether they’re sitting or lying on the skateboard and riding down the sidewalk or standing on one and learning to skateboard by themselves, this is a thrilling activity that’s sure to keep them busy for hours. It’s a big-kid activity that little kids can do in supervised scenarios. Your kids may find the whole skateboarding adventure even more exciting by trying out a skateboard that actually changes colors when exposed to sunlight.

7. Go on a Family Walk

You can always spend more quality time with your kids by simply going on a family walk. Keep your kids entertained by inviting some of their friends or by making it a sight-seeing walk. Change your routes or locations when you go on walks to keep it fun, fresh and exciting for everyone involved. Beaches, mountains, lakes, open spaces, and even your neighborhood can all be great destinations for a family walk.

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