Del Sol Introduces Fall-Winter 2015 Shirt Designs

Del Sol this week launched its fall-winter 2015 shirt designs for men, women, and children to Del Sol stores worldwide. Several shirt designs feature stylized region-specific prints that showcase some of our most vibrant color-change creations to date.

Each new shirt design features Del Sol’s signature color-changing technology that causes the shirts to burst into color with sunlight and then return to their original color without sunlight. All new shirt designs were created by Del Sol’s in-house artists.

Available exclusively at Del Sol stores and online, this collection contains 10 women’s designs, 8 men’s, 3 girl’s, and 3 boy’s – all featuring Del Sol’s color-changing inks and prints and offered on a variety of new shirt colors and new shirt styles.

DelSolFall2015RegionalDesignLaunch 3

The regional shirt designs include prints that would feel most at home in mountainous or desert landscapes, along the United States’ West or East Coastlines, in Hawaii, in the Caribbean, or anywhere tropical.

Inspiration for these particular shirt designs come from multiple places, and we’ve gone behind the scenes and interviewed our amazingly talented artists to give you the inside scoop on these color-changing masterpieces: “The greatest inspiration for these recent designs comes from life itself,” said Kent Barney, Del Sol Art Director. “I try to notice and remember things that catch my eye. Lately I’ve been drawn to the subtle textures you can create by allowing a little bit of the shirt to show through the ink.”

One of the designs Kent was most pleased with was the “3 Palms” design. It contains some highly detailed print textures and photo-type qualities, which are extremely challenging to create with our proprietary UV inks. After many attempts and adjustments, the Del Sol artists were able to achieve the textured look in the palms and a photo look in the sky without using any permanent or black ink, which allows the colors in the sky to remain clean and bright.

DelSolFall2015RegionalDesignLaunch 13

Del Sol color-changing designs feature proprietary Spectrachrome(R) technology, which is what makes the inks and dyes in the graphic prints change color when exposed to UV rays. The shirt fabric is pre-shrunk, double-stitched, 100% combed cotton, which provides supreme comfort, softness and durability.

“Overall the designs are a collaborative effort,” said David Marlaire and Zach Clough Del Sol artists. “We work from a list of ideas and reference images that are generated internally. We typically get a lot of inspiration from things around us in our lives. We also like to tap into music and art when working on certain stylized illustrations.”

DelSolFall2015RegionalDesignLaunch 12

David really likes how the “Sugar Skull” design turned out. The challenge was to come up with something unique but still maintain the integrity of how a skull should look. He enjoyed creating the graphics for this piece in his own style, which has a lot of repetitive, symmetrical shapes that are fun to make. It’s an edgier design that works well for men and women.

“Tiki Island” is Zach’s favorite design. He researched photographs of hundreds of Hawaiian tikis, which were really fun to create and draw. He loves the design colors and tiki faces – there are a lot of expressions to enjoy.

DelSolFall2015RegionalDesignLaunch 23

See Del Sol’s entire Fall-Winter 2015 Graphic Tee Collection right here. Which is your favorite design from this fall-winter launch? Which types of designs would you like to see in future launches? Let us know in the comments.

DelSolFall2015RegionalDesignLaunch 24

Del Sol color-changing shirts come with a 100% Wow Guarantee, which guarantees that the shirts will change color for the life of the products. If the shirts don’t live up to the customers’ expectations, Del Sol will replace them free. Shirts are machine washable and can be tumble dried low, so maintenance is easy and worry-free. Don’t use chlorine or bleach and ironing the printed area is not recommended. Retail pricing ranges between $20 (youth shirts) and $25 (adult shirts).

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