Del Sol Launches New Color-Changing Sol Blocks™!


Del Sol this past week launched its new color-changing Sol Blocks to Del Sol stores worldwide. We’ve turned a classic, interactive toy into a magical, building experience for hours of block-stacking fun under the sun.

Kids of all ages will love building a tower, fortress or dragon that’s one color indoors without sunlight and a completely different color outdoors with sunlight.

Need some inspiration for your first Sol Blocks creation? Watch this short video and begin building where the sun shines! Then, take a few minutes to share some of your best block creations on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #solblocks for a chance to win another set of Sol Blocks for you and a friend.

The solid-color special pieces are specifically designed to allow for maximum creativity. Use them to create arches and windows in walls, or curves to connect body parts in monsters, animals, or humans. The possibilities are endless.


For older kids, the color change adds another level of design. Not only do they need to create a masterpiece in form, but they have to go outside to check how it looks in the sun. Is it symmetrical in color as well as shape? You decide.

Sol Blocks fit DUPLO bricks, so you can add another dimension of fun to your existing sets. DUPLO doesn’t make clear bricks, so even if DUPLO and Sol Blocks are combined, you’ll know which ones change colors when you take them in the sun.

Lego bricks are much smaller in design. and DUPLO bricks are larger and meant for a younger audience. Each DUPLO brick averages about six times the cost of a Lego brick. At $25 for 84 bricks, Sol Blocks are less than half the cost of DUPLO bricks. The similar “DUPLO Deluxe Box of Fun” is 95 pieces and retails for $49.99. And it doesn’t even change colors!


Sol Blocks are great gifts for teachers or parents of young children who can use the blocks to combine creativity and motor skills with learning about the sun and UV light.

Sol Blocks set includes 84 pieces, which includes color-changing classic shape blocks (clear/blue, clear/purple, clear/yellow, clear/orange) and permanent color unique-shape blocks (red, blue, yellow, pink). Set comes in a colorful, sturdy box for storage.

4 thoughts on “Del Sol Launches New Color-Changing Sol Blocks™!

  1. Our color-changing blocks have been temporarily discontinued. Hopefully, we’ll bring them back in our stores and online soon.

  2. I hope you do. I shop your stores for my grandchildren and they love your products. The blocks would be great for them. Thank you for your reply .

  3. I’d really like to buy these blocks as well!! What a fun way to get my little boy out in the sun!! I saw them at your OC, MD store but was told they were out… Please let me know when they come back!!!

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