5 Simple Steps for Removing Glitter Nail Polish

From large, multicolored glitters to small, round glitters, Del Sol offers a wide variety of gorgeous glitter nail polishes for every interest under the sun. While these types of polishes are stylish and fun, the removal process can be a tad cumbersome. But, you don’t have to use stacks of cotton pads and gallons of polish remover. Just follow the five steps in this handy-dandy infographic to make it easy on yourself and your nails:



How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish!

Items Needed: Aluminum Foil, Cotton Pads, Nail Polish Remover

Featured nail polish: Del Sol’s ‘Bling It On’, plus Del Sol’s top coat and base coat. Bling It On changes from confetti silver glitter to amber glitter in the sun.

1. Tear cotton pad into four pieces and soak each piece in nail polish remover.
2. Place the cotton pads on your finger nails.
3. Wrap your nails with aluminum foil to hold the cotton pads in place.
4. Once wrapped, let your nails soak for 2-3 minutes.
5. Remove the foil and cotton pads together while wiping your nails clean.

With shiny, clean nails, you’re now ready for a new coat of color-changing polish!

What other tips do you have for removing nail polish glitter? Please, do tell in the comments.

5 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps for Removing Glitter Nail Polish

  1. If you use a clear coat base polish before using the glitter polish, it helps too.

  2. I like this tip. Even after this technique is done and there is still some remaining glitter on the nails I soak my nails in remover again and use a nail file to buff and maybe repeat the foil, cotton pads and remover part again to get the rest off. I’ll try this technique sometime.

  3. I painted my granddaughters toe nails .the process of removing polish from her nails was a Royal Pain.

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