Del Sol Spreads Sunshine in More Ways than One


Del Sol’s mission is to create fun, joy, smiles and memories for everyone under the sun. We do it for young and old alike. One smile at a time. More often than not, we see the smiles and witness the changes in our stores but, when we get to experience how much our efforts and products affect people on a grander scale, we can’t help but share it with you, our fans. We hope it brightens your day and makes you feel a little more gratitude for the simple, sunny things in life…

Del Sol Makes Me Happy even When I’m Feeling Down

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you, Del Sol. My 5-year-old son has cancer. He was diagnosed December 15, 2015. The last nine months have been a turbulent, emotional, physical roller coaster, but one bright spot is that on numerous occasions we have seen Del Sol products that have been donated to both Primary Children’s Hospital and Salt Lake City’s Ronald McDonald house!

My son LOVES Del Sol products and loves Marvel Superheroes with all his being! You see, his grandmother manages Del Sol of St. George, and until his diagnosis, I also worked there. He would always have a running list of new Del Sol Marvel products that he wanted to buy next! He no longer gets to visit Del Sol because of his compromised immune system, so when he sees the products that had been donated, his eyes light up with excitement.

Thank you so kindly for your contributions to the children who are ill, hurting, uncomfortable and dealing with far more than they should ever have to.” – Jennifer C.

What does the Del Sol Experience mean to you? How has Del Sol color change made you smile?

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