Color-Changing Shirt Bracket – Round of Eight


We’re halfway through the Color-Changing Shirt Bracket and what a journey it’s been! Now, it’s the Elite Eight and time to vote for the regions’ winners.

Either All Tangled or My Castle My Rules will be crowned the winner of the Disney Princess region. No. 1 My Castle My Rules has been a fan favorite, winning graciously throughout the competition. Yesterday was no different, claiming victory by 123 votes over sixth-seed Princess Dreams. Seventh-seed Ariel Ink was a strong contender in the round of 32, but it came up short in the Sweet Sixteen. Instead, fourth-seed All Tangled advances by a mere six votes!

Sweeping in the first round, the Frozen region has turned into a battle of which Olaf design is the most liked. No. 2 Olaf Hot Stuff and No. 3 I Like Warm Hugs beat their opponents — fourth-seed I’ll Melt For You and first-seed Wild For Summer, respectively. Together they won by a combined 103 votes.

As if it were scripted, the Star Wars region’s final two comes down to an epic battle between the Light and Dark side. No. 1 Droids defeated No. 3 Vader Vintage and No. 4 Vader Silhouette conquered No. 2 Fantasy Poster. Comparing votes, Vader Silhouette earned 10 more than Droids, but the Star Wars region winner will be determined by your votes today.

An epic matchup between No. 2 Retro Comic Group and No. 6 Superhero Explosion is happening. Retro Comic Group took down fifth-seed I Was Born Awesome, featuring Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Superhero Explosion upset No. 1 Avengers Group, but just by 13 votes.

Which shirts do you think will win each region? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to win a $25 gift card.

Get your friends, family and co-workers involved to help your favorite shirt win.

Monday, March 14: Round of 32Voting for this round is closed

Tuesday, March 15: Sweet 16Voting for this round is closed

Wednesday, March 16: Elite EightVoting for this round is closed

Thursday, March 17: Final FourVoting for this round is closed

Friday, March 18: ChampionshipVoting for this round is closed









87 thoughts on “Color-Changing Shirt Bracket – Round of Eight

  1. Tough to choose between Olaf shirts – how do you not love all of them.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results. I love the Star Wars tees!!

  3. I think it’ll come down between Tangled & Marvel Heroes!

  4. I think the Vader Silhouette will win the final prize.

  5. None of my picks were favored, but there’s still hope!

  6. I can’t believe the Star Wars retro poster didn’t make it. Come on droids.

  7. for me its between THE DROIDS AND THE MARVEL SUPER HEROES , because they are both unisex attire .

  8. COLOR CHANGE ITEMS will always have my heart , more so if they are versatile and interchangeable . ex: skirt to dress , shorts to pants shirt to shirtdress .

  9. All Tangled, Olaf Hot Stuff, Droids, and Retro Comic Group are my picks.

  10. All tangled is too cute! Can’t wait to visit a Del Sol store on my vacation in April!

  11. Ahh man, Ariel didn’t make it, but there all cool!

  12. I am still bummed about Boba Fett, oh well, Go Tangled!

  13. I love stopping at a DelSol store when on vacation!
    The Disney items are all so very cool!

  14. 1 – My Castle My Rules
    2 – Olaf Hot Stuff
    3 – Darth Vader
    4 – Superhero Explosion

  15. Star Wars was the hardest to choose! The droids are the most beloved yet Star Wars could not do without Vader!

  16. These are so cool these shirts are all awesome

  17. I’m pulling for “My Castle, My Rules”, “Olaf Hot Stuff”, “Vader Silhouette”, and “Superhero Explosion!!” This is fun!

  18. My castle my rules, marvel, warm hugs and Droids.

  19. Summer will be here before you know it, you Olaf Hot Stuff!!!

  20. Out of these I guess my pick is Olaf Hot Stuff. I’m sad Ariel Ink didn’t make the cut!

  21. Congratulations, Jeri Eroh! Not only did you guess all the correct shirts in the Final Four, but your comment is the Elite Eight’s winner for a $25 gift card for Please email us at to redeem your gift card so you can purchase your favorite color-changing shirt.

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