Don’t Pass Up these Seven Stunning Honeymoon Gifts


Honeymoon is one of the sweetest phases among couples’ lives. And everything can get even sweeter with the right honeymoon gifts around. If you are getting married or attending a wedding, you need to check out these wonderful honeymoon gift ideas.

1. Bride and Groom Caps – A cap is a great item for the newlyweds to have when they go to their honeymoon escapade. Moreover, it is functional since it can be handy during summer or during bad hair days.

2. Honeymoon Flip-Flops- This unique gift idea is definitely a hit. Aside from having many different sizes, colors, and designs to choose from, there is a surprise underneath. These sandals leave footprint inscriptions like “Just Married” when they are walked on sand, making them Instagram worthy.

3. A Weekender Bag- A stylish bag will never go wrong as a gift. A weekender bag is not only for the honeymoon but also for the getaways that the couple will have in the future. It should be big enough to fit all the couple’s travel must-haves. In addition, you can have it personalized by putting the bride and groom’s name on it.

4. Color-Changing Jewelry For women, jewelries are timeless especially if the gems are one of a kind. This kind of accessory best describes that. The bride will enjoy the honeymoon more with a gift as special and unique as this. The gleam of this jewelry adds radiance to the bride.

5. A Wine Travel Bag– What is a honeymoon without wine? Bringing a bottle of wine to the honeymoon destination perfectly caps off all the wedding excitement. Without the worries of breaking the bottle or spilling the wine, it is great for travelling.

6. A Camera- Going on a honeymoon means a new adventure for the newlyweds. Thus, a brand new camera is the nicest way to capture this once in a lifetime escapade to be reminisced for many years. If you have much cash to spare, a Gopro camera is a good option.

7. Personalized “Mr. And Mrs.” Tags- What better gift to give than luggage tags that show how happy the married the couple is? These endearing labels boast love and sweetness in any part of the globe the wedded two will visit. Many designs such as wooden tags are available online.

DIY Gift- Everyone appreciates a gift that the giver has put much time and effort to come up with. If you opt to have a memorable present like this, you should get a basket and make a DIY honeymoon basket. Throw in some personalized items such as tags, door hangers, and a journal. However, bear in mind that if you have a close relationship with any of the couple, this gift will be inappropriate. You also need to consider the location of the honeymoon and the contents of the basket.

Any honeymoon gift will be appreciated by married couples. The fact that the giver spent some time thinking for the best gift is more than enough for them. After all, it’s really the thought that counts.

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