BuzzFeed Spotlights Del Sol Sunglasses as Essential for Yucatan Getaway

If You Aren’t Going to Tulum this Year, What are You Even Doing?


What was once a hippie hideaway on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is now a hipster hotspot: Tulum, Mexico is the tropical destination everyone is heading to, and it’s not hard to see why.

White sand beaches and pale blue water aside, Tulum is packed to the brim with bohemian boutiques, world-class restaurants, and enough trendy photo opps to set an Instagram Influencer’s heart aflutter.

So grab your most fashionable resort swimwear, your favorite pair of sunglasses, and a healthy variety of yoga clothes — You gotta go to Tulum, and you gotta do it pronto.

Quick Drive from Cancun or Cozumel

Tulum doesn’t have its own airport, but it’s a quick drive south of Cancun, where dozens of flights land from the USA every day. You can take a bus (don’t worry, they’re nice coach buses) from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta and then transfer to Tulum. Tourists can also land in Cozumel, ferry over to Puerto Vallarta, and then take a bus to Tulum.

Healthy Food Galore

While you’ll still have your fair share of tacos and margaritas at your disposal, Tulum is home to plenty of healthy and plant-based foods (remember, Tulum’s been inhabited by American Yogis for decades!) We’re talking acai bowls, big hearty salads, and plenty of matcha.

With that in mind, be sure not to book an overpriced all-inclusive resort. Instead, opt for an affordable bed and breakfast or vacation rental, so you can enjoy all the healthy and fun food options available.

Beaches on Beaches

What would a trip to the Yucatan be without days spent on the beach? Tulum has plenty. The town of Tulum is directly adjacent to the white sand beach and “resort area,” which stretches southward. You don’t have to stay at the resorts in question to “resort hop,” i.e. check out the different hotels, enjoy a nice meal with a view of the water, and take sporadic dips in the warm caribbean water.

Jungle Gastronomy

Open-air restaurants serving food to marvel at has become something of a Tulum staple. Enjoy mind-blowing meals surrounded by the jungle at places like Hartwood, Kitchen Table, and Casa Jaguar.

Cenote Swimming

The Yucatan is famous for its cenotes — AKA giant sinkholes that have formed beautiful pools of water underground. Tulum is close to dozens of the natural phenomena. Book a tour or venture out on your own to go diving and swimming in these underground wonders.

Tulum has become a wonder unto itself. By no means a reflection of Mexican culture (Tulum sports American prices and is a tourist spot in every sense of the word), it has become a beautiful place for beautiful people and is an undeniably gorgeous place to relax, reflect, do a whole bunch of yoga, and soak up that tropical sun.

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