What Is Color-Changing Nail Polish and Does It Really Work?


For anyone who’s ever found themselves torn between two colors to adorn their fingers or toes, color-changing nail polish can make life just a little bit easier, and a whole lot more fun.

No more deciding between day or night looks, and bright or understated tones — with two shades in one application, you can have your cake and eat it too, every time you walk out the door.

What is Color Changing Nail Polish?

When it comes to color changing polish, the name really does say it all. Color-changing nail polish is, simply put, nail polish that changes from one color to another. We’re not talking hologram or iridescent sheens that bend with the light either, we’re talking a straight-up, now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t shift from one color to something completely different.

It’s essentially two colors in one bottle, making it an almost magical sight to behold, and a sure-fire conversation starter in any situation!

How Does Color-Changing Polish Work?

Color-changing nail polish relies on chemical technology, molecular transitions, and the power of the sun. Del Sol’s polishes use an exclusive formula known as Spectrachrome, which was created out of a concept initially explored by NASA scientists for the agency’s space program.

The hypoallergenic Spectrachrome molecules, or crystals, take otherwise invisible colors (at least, colors the human eye can’t pick up) and shift it to fit into the electromagnetic spectrum we can see, with the help of natural sunlight.

So, technically, the color doesn’t change at all, hidden colors simply become visible to the human eye after the energy has shifted. Once the sunlight goes away, after stepping back indoors, those hidden colors recede, returning the polish to its original shade.

So, if color-changing nail polish relies on sunlight to activate the process, what happens when the sun isn’t shining? No need to worry, the same thing still happens! Even on the most overcast days, the sun’s ultraviolet rays still penetrate through the clouds, activating the color change technology to get to work and change things up. So, don’t worry about the weather, because if the sun is somewhere up there in the sky, your nails will feel it, and you’ll witness the transformation.

Why Should You Choose Color-Changing Polish?

So, what gives color-changing nail polish an edge over the others? How do we even count the ways?! For starters, it’s fun, plain and simple. Life is all about the little pleasures and seeing your fingers and toes pull a total chameleon with just one step outside your front door never gets old.

Opting for a color-changing polish can also make a great purchase for economic reasons because it ends up being two shades for the price of one, which makes it the perfect choice for any beauty on a budget.

Not only do you get two colors for the price of one, you get two looks in one bottle, which can make maintaining a mani/pedi while traveling as simple as can be, and easily takes any look from day to night with half the effort. These are some of our favorites, but the list goes on and on!

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