How to Get Stylish, Special-Occasion Nails


You have a beautiful outfit, you found the perfect pair of shoes and your hair will inevitably look amazing — all you need now is a manicure to top it off. The good news is, you don’t have to spend extra on a professional manicure. You can get perfect, special-occasion (wedding, prom, interview, date, etc.) nails right at home. All you need are the right tools and a polish that will help you stand out from the crowd.

File in One Direction — Not Back and Forth

First, you’ll want to prepare your nails. Remove any existing polish, and soak in a mixture of water and white vinegar. Clip them to your desired length and then file in one direction. Filing back and forth can result in breakage and breakage can result in a messy coat of polish. After they’ve been trimmed and filed, lightly buff the top and sides of your nails. Wash your hands and dry thoroughly.

Show Your Cuticles some TLC

Next, you should apply cuticle oil or lotion around your nails and let it soak for a few moments. Massage it in gently. Use a cuticle stick to gently push back around the beds of your nails, but be careful: Cuticles can be fragile and are necessary for protecting your nails from bacteria, so avoid cutting them. Apply some Vaseline around the cuticles to soften and prevent polish from sticking to your skin.

Let Your Nails Be the Accessory

Now, pick your polish. When you select your color, look for a bold choice that accentuates your outfit and will make you feel even more confident. If you can’t decide on one color, try a color-changing, shimmer nail polish that will have your friends asking about it long after prom ends. Del Sol has a variety of colors that transform from subtle shades to bright colors in the sunlight. Make sure to show it off in your pre-prom photos.

Don’t Overdo It

First, roll the bottle back and forth in your hands, don’t shake it. Shaking the bottle can result in air bubbles that transfer to your nails. And try not to apply multiple, thick layers of nail polish — it can result in smudging and peeling. Two layers are best, more could result in a mess. To avoid a mid-dance nail crisis, apply one thick layer and allow it to dry, that means at least 15 minutes of not touching anything. Then, apply one light layer and let that one dry as well. Avoid digging around in a purse or running your hands through your hair for at least an hour.

Don’t Forget the Top Coat

A top coat will not only give your mani a nice layer of sheen — it will protect it for days. There are top coats for every manicure, including thick sparkly kinds, formulas made with volcanic glass, gel coats and more. Find one with similar ingredients to the polish you’re using, and then apply one thin layer and wait at least 15 minutes for it to dry. Apply a layer of top coat every two or three days to help the polish last longer.

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