How to Style Your Little Girl


When leg warmers and clip-on earrings wear out their welcome, how can you style your little girl in a way that feels fresh, innovative and cool? We’ve got a few ideas we think you’ll both appreciate.

Look Beyond the Ponytail

A ponytail is a classic look, but it can also become a bit ho-hum if that’s all your sweetheart is sporting day after day. Pinterest offers up a ton of interesting alternative hairstyles, most of which come with step-by-step guides so you can learn how to create adorable hair bows, pull-through braids, artfully messy buns, rosettes, half updos, hair tucks and fishtails.

Weave in Some Color

Even if you never manage to master anything beyond a pair of braided pigtails, you can still dress up your efforts. Weave a strip of fabric, length of ribbon or sparkly yarn in and out of the braids or tie bows on the ends to add visual interest and coordinate each hairstyle with that day’s outfit. Hair chalk is also an option; use a single color for a subtler accent or go for stripes to celebrate a holiday or show school spirit.

Think Seasonally

Rotating your little girl’s wardrobe and accessories to coordinate with the seasons is a creative way to introduce new ideas and hues and keep things fresh. In winter, sparkling silver headbands and jewel-toned scarves chase away winter doldrums. In spring, floral head wraps are all the rage. When school comes to a close for the year and the weather heats up, color-changing hair clips harness the sun’s energy to create an eye-catching look that will set your daughter apart from her peers.

Upgrade Her Footwear…

…and we don’t mean her shoes! Sure, sandals, boots and dainty little slip-ons are a great way to accessorize, but it’s far more cost-effective to stick with neutral footwear in a few key styles and then jazz it up with socks and tights in more vivid colors and designs. From chevron to polka dots, unicorns to rainbows, glitter to pom-poms, there are sophisticated and girlie adornments galore that elevate even the most staid outfits into haute couture territory.

Explore the Wide World of Nail Art

When you feel your little girl is ready to embellish her nails, delve into artsy add-ons other than the traditional nail polish. Nail wraps are the go-to item for anyone craving designs that are easy to apply and primed to withstand wear and tear, and some companies that make custom wraps as well as entire lines dedicated to movie characters, comics and toy lines. Stencils, stickers and nail tape are also options; leave on stickers and tape to create a contrast with the polish below or use them as pattern-makers when layering lacquer.

Styling your little girl doesn’t have to be a chore or rely on clichés. Consider how you’d like her to look, then simplify your ideas until they make sense for your pint-sized princess. She’ll love the results and be pretty pleased with you too.

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