Del Sol Introduces Color-Changing Hair Pins for Subtle Splash of Color

Del Sol this week introduced an entire collection of metallic hair pin barrettes that are more than meets the eye.

With the slightest touch of sunlight, these unique hair pins take on a completely new look, changing from metallic chrome colors to various shades of pink, blue, purple, and gold.

The metallic hair-accessory look is a popular hair style trend that can be over the top or just as simple and minimalist as you’d like.

Del Sol’s color-changing hair pins are designed to add a splash of vibrant, yet subtle color to your personality (for the day or the month) and a fun accent to your wardrobe.

Plus, since most people see and experience Del Sol on their vacations, these hair plans make a fun way to keep those vacation memories alive every time the sun touches your hair.

In the past year, according to The Cut, barrettes and other formerly reviled hair accouterments have become stars in street style and on the runway.  It’s an easy way to get your hair out of your face while making a fashion statement. Some barrettes cost hundreds of dollars, but if you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to make that big of a commitment.

Featuring never-before-seen metallic color-change application, this type of color-change capability is unique to Del Sol and its Spectrachrome® technology, which is what makes these particular hair accessories change color with sunlight.

Customers can choose between four style sets and four pins per card, including triangles and circles, stars and hearts, and bows and ribbons. Pins are made from non-rusting, chrome-plated zinc.

Popular fashion, beauty, and fitness platform, Pop Sugar, shared that “easy accessories to incorporate into almost any hairstyle are barrettes and clips, even if you have short hair. Whether you’re wearing your hair down or in a low bun, you can scatter them randomly across your hairline. That way, they’re both functional (keeping your hair out of your face, that is) and decorative.”

Del Sol hair accessories make great gifts for birthdays, holidays or party favors for an event. Have fun in the sun and let your imagination run wild.

See all the Del Sol color-changing hair pins here.

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