Del Sol Sunglasses, Solize, are Functional, Fashionable and Guaranteed for Life


Sunglasses today aren’t what they used to be. The latest fashions and styles now boast so many different features, looks and benefits that make them just as functional as they are fashionable. Read the review by Pausitive Living to learn more about what sets Del Sol’s Solize Sunglasses apart.

Del Sol Color-Changing Sunglasses

At one time sunglasses were deemed merely accessories that kept the sun’s glare off our eyes. They came in various colors and a few generic styles – nothing stellar or breathtaking. Today that’s all changed. Sunglasses are anything but ordinary. They’re setting trends in the latest eyewear fashion that’s pumped with not only function but with lots of flashy, funky flair, too. Del Sol sunglasses are the hottest shades on the market because they offer two looks in one pair. Everyone wants them!

Del Sol sunglasses are not only trendy, but they also offer color changing abilities when exposed to the sun! I wrote about their trademark SPECTRA PolarizedPro lenses and their lifetime guarantee Here! The guarantee warrants repeating because the offer is so remarkable.

** Importantly, the PolarizedPro lenses are made to last a lifetime, they are scratch resistant and shatterproof. **

Having a replacement guarantee that if your Del Sol Solize sunglasses shatter or get disfigured in any way, is a huge bonus. I don’t know how many pairs of shades I’ve thrown out because they got were scratched or bent or the lenses cracked. Del Sol’s sunglasses are grouped into five different categories, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sport, Aviator, and Kids. There is an abundance of choices in each category to choose from.

The PolarizedPro lenses come in several colors, each providing specific benefits. Its mirror-like effect makes your view clearer and sharper with decreased glare and reduced eye strain. These include Blue/Purple, Brown, Green, Pink/Orange/Red, Silver, and Yellow.

Having a variety of Del Sol sunglasses in your accessory closet will allow you to alter your look to match your attire, your mood or your personality. With their countless styles, there is going to more than one that will catch the look you’re going for. Check out some of their gorgeous styles below.

Call Me Maybe

The Call Me Maybe sunglasses have a cool retro vibe. They’re fun, flirty and simply fabulous. You can almost envision a gal in a convertible with a scarf flowing from her neck and donning the vibrant Call Me Maybe sunglasses. The frames change from a clear tortoise to a dynamic pink color when exposed to the sun. What a fashion statement they make! The durable frames are impact-resistant, lightweight and offer a standard fit. Del Sol’s PolarizedPro lens provide wearers with 100% UVA/UVB protection. They come with a soft fabric carry case.

Summer of Love

The Del Sol Summer of Love sunglasses are fresh and breezy with cool ocean colors. With just a subtle hint of the 50s and 60s cat-eye shaped frames, these beauties are glamorously current. They change from a clear frame with streaks of blue and red to an electrifying blue. A lot of my family members love these not only for their trendy style, but also for their large fit. If you have a wider face or prefer a looser fit, the Summer of Love sunglasses would be perfect. The frames are super lightweight, durable and have a lifetime warranty. The PolarizedPro lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. They also come with a soft fabric carry case. Secret code: Red Spectra.

Island of Memories

The Island of Memories sunglasses have a definite masculine signature look to them that is appealing to all walks of men. They sport stunning reflective orange spectra mirror lenses which are good for enhanced vision and eye strain reduction. They have a soft matt finish and feature a rubber nose and earpieces for extra comfort. They come in the standard size, are extremely lightweight and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection. This style is great for men from the dapper gentleman or the extreme sports enthusiast.

The Del Sol Color Changing Sunglasses are in a class of their own. Their unique ability to change colors sets them apart from all other brands. Plus, their prices are incredibly reasonable and affordable for budget-friendly families. It’s a win-win!

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  1. I need to return Del Sol sunglasses for a new pair…what is your replacement policy as they are guaranteed for life?

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  3. I just bought a pair of the polarized room sun glasses. I absolutely love them. No glare when looking through the lens, and the changing of color is so fun. Will definitely be buying another pair.

  4. Lost my glasses but had the lifetime guarantee trying to get a replacement pair and need help

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