Parade Spotlights Del Sol Nail Polish as Summer Beauty Trend

Parade’s Rachel Weingarten included the Del Sol nail polish in her article titled “We’re Loving These Late Summer Beauty, Skincare and Hair Trends to Keep Your Summer Glow Well Into Fall.” She highlights how the nail polish reacts to sunlight, and “a brilliant bit of packaging features a color chip of the before and after shades.” Parade is a lifestyle website covering the latest in entertainment, food, culture, beauty and more reaching over 791,000 unique monthly visitors.

We’re Loving These Late Summer Beauty, Skincare and Hair Trends to Keep Your Summer Glow Well Into Fall

By Rachel Weingarten

The dog days of summer aren’t traditionally the most stylish time of year, but there are still ways to look great and enjoy those last few moments in the sun!

1. Mood: Polish! Remember mood rings? KB Shimmer brings back the 1970s craze with a fun line of nail polishes that change color based on the temperature. After a dip in the pool your bright blue mani might turn purple. Along those lines Del Sol nail polish changes when exposed to sunlight. A brilliant bit of packaging features a color chip of the before and after shades.

2. Summer hair don’t care: Worried about how you’re going to keep those beachy waves going into fall? Fret not! Chi Lava Spin N Curl comes with a learning curve, but once you figure it out you’ll have perfect spirals or waves every time. Simply section your hair near the device, allow the suction to pull tresses in and spin, wait the requisite few seconds until you hear three beeps and then boom—perfectly consistent curls every single time.

And if you feel like your hair needs a boost, Nutrafol is a line of nutraceuticals with 100% drug-free products created to improve hair growth performance in both women men and women. One thing though, there’s a fairly short and highly personalized quiz you have to take before ordering that helps make sure you’re getting the right products for both your hair needs and lifestyle.

3. Something fruity: Worried you might slack off on your fruit intake after Labor Day? Kencko is a brilliant new plant-based nutrition service that makes it easier to reach the recommended portions of fruits and veggies a day. They send these gorgeous little packets filled with fruit or fruit and veggie combos containing approximately 200g of nutritious fresh organic fruit & vegetables and nothing else. Blend with water, milk or even yogurt for a healthy treat that slips into your hand luggage.

4. Bask in a mask: I’m a bit too excited for the launch of Masktini, a new line of you guessed it—masks, created to help your face escape the ravages of your busy lifestyle. While it’s hard for me to pick a favorite, I love Night Ranger overnight renewal mask since not only does it have natural ingredients like papaya enzymes, there’s also retinol for an active approach to fighting lines and sun damage.

5. The most popular K beauty skincare: If you feel like you can’t keep up with skincare trends, here’s a line that helps you tick all the relevant boxes. Korean skincare? Check. Hyaluronic Acid? Make that three types in the form of a triple-layer structure of hyaluronic acid consisting of low, medium and high molecular weights, which enhances its capability of boosting moisture. Affordable and easy to find? Oh, yeah. You can find AHC at Target, CVS and for $5-$34. Instagram worthy? Let’s just say that there’s one tube sold every three seconds in Korea!

6. Shine for days: With giant sun hat season coming to an end, it’s time to pay a bit more attention to your hair. HASK Cactus Water Weightless Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner is made with nutrient-rich cactus water and prickly pear seed oil and jam-packed with electrolytes and vitamins. More than that though, it does exactly what it says—moisturize hair and leave it super shiny without any added weight or build up. You can find it at for under $7.

7. Next gen skincare: Here’s a brand to watch. Sigi Skin is based out of Singaporebut formulated in Korea (still following?) Notable in the line is Pink Nectar a powerhouse eye cream packed with natural extracts such as peach and propolis as well as nutrients like vitamin E, niacinamide and 5 different kinds of hyaluronic acid. It’s also purse friendly and acts as a lip mask as well.

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