MacDirectory Features Solize Sunglasses in Pre-Holiday Buyer’s Guide

MacDirectory’s Claudia Paredes and Thomas Bender featured Del Sol’s Solize Sunglasses in their “Pre-Holiday Buyers Guide” and highlighted a variety of features and its wide range of styles suitable for everyone in your holiday shopping list. The team at MacDirectory also focused on reviewing the Ocean is Blue and Little Blue Number frames! MacDirectory is a digital tech and lifestyle magazine covering the latest trends in tech, fitness, fashion, and more reaching a digital circulation of over 225,000 issues.

Pre-Holiday Buyer’s Guide

by Claudia Paredes & Thomas Bender

Solize Sunglasses by Del Sol

Looking for something a little different to protect your eyes from the sun? Del Sol’s Solize color-changing sunglasses offer a variety of styles, all with a twist. Each of the dozens of pairs of Solize sunglasses features an element that changes color when exposed to the sun. It’s a really cool way to literally change the glasses from your face to just an accessory.

Del Sol offers frames for men, women, kids, and unisex that cover the gamut from aviators to athletic styles and everything in between.¼ With quirky names of their own, each frame feels unique before you even get your hands on them. For instance, the Ocean is Calling frames feature slender, wrap around arms that remain on your face with rubber grips more than long, hooking arms. These athletic arms are paired with a more traditional shape up front, and mirrored blue lenses.

When out in the sun, Ocean is Calling are a crystal, semitransparent bright shade of blue; but bring them inside (or into the shade) and the frames themselves turn to a clear, transparent plastic, wrapping around the electric blue lenses. It’s a fun and super lightweight design.

Something like the Little Blue Number, however, cuts a more casual line and a stronger style statement. Matte navy-blue frames wrapped around smokey lenses are on the face of this style. The arms are a honey-colored gold out in the sun, and a more metallic silver in the shade. The Little Blue Number frames have very flexible hinges, and thicker, heavier materials that feel somehow durable and flexible at the same time.

Regardless which of the many dual styles are right for you, Solize sunglasses come equipped with Polarized Pro lenses. Plus, they block 100% of UV radiation, even while looking this cool (or hot, depending on whether or
not you’re standing in the shade).

The end of summer does not mean the end of sun, so pick up a pair of Solize color-changing sunglasses today.

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