Del Sol Introduces Hand-Carved, Real-Bone Jewelry with a Color-Changing Twist

Del Sol this month introduced its new hand-carved, real-bone jewelry that changes color with sunlight! 

These jewelry pieces are a world-exclusive color-changing innovation for Del Sol, and one that every Del Sol color change fan is going to love!

Each of the six ocean-inspired jewelry styles are made from real, hand-carved ox bone, which makes them uniquely special. Plus, they change to vibrant colors outdoor with sunlight! 

Our color-changing ox bone jewelry represents a deep love and respect for the ocean and its marine life. 

Island legends say that whenever you wear the necklace, your ‘mana’ or presence imprints on the ox bone necklace, becoming even more a part of you and bringing you good fortune for generations to come.

Your jewelry piece could become a family heirloom and then that good mana passes along to the next recipient in your family tree.

See all of Del Sol’s real ox bone jewelry options here.   

Ox Bone Jewelry Features & Benefits

  • Six styles and colors to choose from: Orange Tribal Flame (white to orange), Blue Hook (white to blue), Brown Hook (white to brown), Orange Hook (white to orange), Blue Swirl Wave (white to blue), Blue Shark Tooth (white to blue), Orange Shark Tooth (white to orange), Green Turtle (white to green), Blue Whale Tail (white to blue)
  • Made from hand-carved ox bone. Each necklace piece is uniquely created.
  • Necklaces are made from durable black hemp cord.
  • One size fits all.
  • Adjustable cord up to 26 inches.

Each jewelry piece comes attached to a hemp necklace adjustable up to 26″. 

These color-changing, hand-carved bone necklaces make great birthday gifts, party favors or stocking stuffers, too. Makes you think about what events are coming in your life.

Which one color-changing, real-bone jewelry piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Or, even better, email with picture of you wearing your favorite Del Sol necklace under the sun for a chance to win a $25 gift card for yourself and to be featured on our social channels.

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