7 Ingenious Hacks for Nail Polish that Don’t Include Wearing It

Do you ever get frustrated by nylon runs, measuring cups whose measurement markings get worn off, or by never knowing which key unlocks your front door? It might surprise you that the answer to your problem could very well lie hidden in your bathroom cupboard: nail polish.

In fact, nail polish is handy for all kinds of things besides beautifying your hands and feet. Try some of these nail polish hacks and solve some of life’s most annoying day-to-day problems:

1. Stop a Nylon Run

If nylons are unfortunately a part of your life, you know it’s tricky enough getting them on, and once they’re finally in place there’s nothing more annoying than seeing a run starting to form in one leg, or snagging the heel of your shoe on it as you’re getting ready to head out the door.

Instead of resigning yourself to having to toss yet another pair of nylons, grab a bottle of clear nail polish and dab a coat over the offending run. It won’t get any bigger, and you won’t have to waste time changing nylons when you’re in a hurry.

2. Personalize Your Favorite Accessories

Use your favorite bright nail polish colors to personalize all your favorite accessories. For instance, paint your earbuds (just the volume control and the plastic part of the bud) to make your buds stand out from the crowd. Mix it up by using nail polish that changes colors in the sun to paint earring studs, your flip-flops, or even your phone case. You’ll make them unique, confuse your friends and have an instant wardrobe change all at the same time.

You can personalize your keys as well by painting each one a different color. This will serve two purposes: no one else will get your keys mixed up with theirs and you’ll know at a glance which key you need to unlock your front door.

3. Mark Important Measurements or Settings

Quit guessing how far to turn the knob of your shower to find your perfect temperature setting. Use a thin line of nail polish to mark that sweet spot, so you can quickly find it every time. You can do the same if you have a thermostat dial that’s hard to position correctly. And if you use a specific bucket or bottle for cleaning, and you want to know how much soap and water to put in without measuring, draw lines with nail polish for quick fill-ups every time.

Another handy trick: If the lines on your liquid measuring cup wear off, you can redraw them on the outside with nail polish.

4. Keep Costume Jewelry from Tarnishing

Does it seem like all your favorite necklaces and earrings get tarnished? Save yourself some money and maintain your favorite costume jewelry for years to come with a coat of clear nail polish. According to Cosmopolitan, “When air hits the metal, the metal oxidizes and changes color. Clear lacquer locks out the air, helping keep your costume jewelry looking new.”

5. Seal an Envelope

Have lots of invitations or thank-you notes to send out? Save your tongue from the taste of glue and prevent the mess and paper wrinkles that can come from using a wet sponge to seal envelopes by keeping your clear nail polish handy. All you need is a couple of dabs and you’ll have a perfect seal.

6. Waterproof Matches

A traditional method of waterproofing matches involves dipping them in hot wax and letting the wax dry. However, wax is messy and sometimes ruins the matches so they won’t light. A new solution: nail polish. It’s easy to apply, less messy and involves zero risk of burns while you prepare it.

7. Paint the Sole of Your Shoes

It’s the height of fashion these days to have a contrasting color on the bottom of your high-heeled pumps. If you’re feeling behind the times because your pumps soles are plain or you’d like to cover up some smudges and scrapes, AOL.com’s Lifestyle section suggests you paint the bottom with a bright shade of nail polish. Extra points if you use a color-changing variety so you can mix up your style whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

Another handy shoe fix: If you have brightly colored shoes with scratches or smudges, find a matching bottle of nail polish and use it to cover up those marks. Your shoes will wear for longer, and you can paint your nails to match them as well.

Del Sol is your color-coordinating expert. When you’re ready to try some of these hacks, visit DelSol.com for all your nail polish needs.

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